Honda CMX500 Rebel Insurance

Honda CMX500 Rebel Insurance

There’s no reason why you should keep paying expensive Honda CMX500 Rebel insurance premium when you can get a cheaper one that offers the same protection. As the leading bike insurance comparison site in the UK, we help thousands of bike owners get cheap insurance quotes for free. If you are interested in enjoying a similar offer, all you need to do is to make a requestand we’ll send you the quotes. With more than 40 insurance companies on our panel, sourcing cheap quotes is no hassle.

Honda CMX500 Rebel Description

Driven by a strong liquid-cooled twin cylinder engine, the CMX500 Rebel is equipped with a digital speedometer, side key and a digital speedometer. The seats are set low and the foot peg, mid-mounted for a comfortable ride. The low seats also ensure your legs are firmly placed on the ground during traffic. The rims and rubber, which come in a fat bobber style, are effectively put to stop by the Anti-lock Braking System and calliper on both wheels.

Do you need an Insurance Policy?

You are legally obligated to insure your bike before riding it on public roads. If you are caught riding without an insurance cover, your bike could be confiscated. Aside from that, insurance protects you against unforeseen situations.

Insurance Policy Types

The available Honda CMX500 Rebel insurance policies are third party only, third Party, fire and theft and comprehensive. 

Third Party Only

This policy provides coverage for only damages and injuries of third parties. It doesn’t cover the cost of damages or injuries to you or your bike. This policy is the basic bike policy available and is often the cheapest.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

It covers the costs of medical treatment and damages to third parties’ properties.  This policy also pays out if your bike is stolen or damaged in a fire.


This is the best Honda CMX500 Rebel insurance policy.  It covers third parties’ medical treatment and damages to their vehicles.  In addition, it covers the cost of repair or replacement of your bike, medical treatment and personal injury.

Factors that Affect Bike Insurance Cost

Factors that influence Honda CMX500 Rebel insurance premium include:


Your insurance premium could also increase if you live in a location where the rate of theft is high.


Your insurance premium could be higher if you use your bike for commercial purposes.

Riding Experience

Experience counts when it comes to bike insurance. Riders with experience pay lesser premiums than those with little or no experience.


Your premium could be lower if you install some security features such as an alarm or keep your bike locked in a secure garage.

Get the Best Honda CMX500 Rebel Insurance Quotes for Free Now

It’s very easy and completely hassle-free. Simply fill in a single application form detailing your needs. With minutes of submitting this, you’ll receive a pool of the cheapest Honda CMX500 Rebel insurance quotes from which you can choose one.

Request a free quote now or call us on 0333 577 6406 and we’ll get in touch with you immediately.

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