We are proud to say we’ve helped thousands of scooter owners get the insurance policies of their dream. We love everything about scooters – the machines, the owners and their maintenance. Thus, we go all the way to find you the best Primavera Yacht Club 50 Insurance. With access to over 40 top insurers, trust Scoot Scoot to get the vespa insurance policy that suits your pocket and needs.

Equipped with a powerful air-cooled four-stroke engine and an electronic injection, the Primavera Yacht Club is pure quality. It also has under-seat storage that can house a helmet, and a comfortable saddle that makes riding an experience to cherish. With the protection of a good Primavera Yacht Club 50 insurance policy, you can cruise the city without worries of unexpected events. You can see the Primavera Yacht Club 50 on the Vespa Website

Why Need Insurance?

Insurance protects you against events such as theft or accidents. Also, it’s illegal in the UK to ride a two-wheeler without insurance coverage.

Types of Policies

There are three Primavera Yacht Club 50 insurance types you can choose from. They differ in coverage scope as well as in the cost of premium rates.

Third Party Only

The most basic of the policies, this insures only the third parties involved in an accident. It doesn’t cover you or your scooter.

Third Party, Fire, and Theft

In addition to providing coverage for third parties, this policy pays out when your Primavera Yacht Club is damaged in a fire or stolen.


This is the most expensive of all and has the best coverage. It covers medical bills incurred by you and third parties. It also protects against damages to your scooter and other properties.

Risk Factors Affecting Primavera Yacht Club 50 Insurance Rate

Several factors determine insurance premium rates including:


Young riders and new Primavera Yacht scooters attract high insurance costs.


Living in an area with a high rate of theft makes your scooter costly to insure.


Riders with little or no experience are more prone to accidents than experienced riders, hence pay more.


Keeping your Primavera Yacht in a secured garage or adding more security features lowers premium rates.

Claims History

Riders who have a high claim request tend to pay high Primavera yacht club 50 insurance cost.

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