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With its impressive features, the Vespa 946 is one of the best scooter models in the world today. This best-selling scooter comes with a sturdy build and elegant features that please the eyes. Its comfortable seat, smooth mobility and powerful engine deliver the ultimate riding experience to all. With the right Vespa 946 insurance policy to go with it, you can enjoy all that this beauty has to offer with zero worries. You can see the Vespa 946 on the Vespa Website

Is Insurance Needed?

Riding a two-wheeler on UK roads without vespa insurance is a violation of the law. Therefore, you need to have at the least the minimum policy in place.

Types of Insurance Policy

There are three different insurance plans, each deferring in cost and coverage. Choosing the right policy protects your 946 against any eventualities.

Third Party Only

This policy safeguards you against any lawsuit from a third party. It does not provide any cover to you or your scooter. This Vespa 946 insurance is the least mandatory insurance you can purchase.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

This offers cover for third parties involved in an accident. It also provides protection when your 946 is damaged in a fire or stolen.


This type of policy pays out for damages to properties and scooters involved in an accident. It also covers medical expenses of both you and any third party. Although it is the most expensive policy, it is the best.


Factors that affect Insurance rates

Aside from the type of policy you choose, some factors also impact your Vespa 946 insurance rates. Some of these are:


Living in a neighborhood with a high crime rate increases your insurance cost.


Young riders pay more insurance premium as do riders who own new Vespa 946.

Riding Experience

Experience riders pay lower insurance cost compared to those with relatively lesser experience.

Claims History

If you’ve made a lot of claims, you tend to pay more to insure your scooter.

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