Get the best Vespa GTS 125 Insurance and stay covered when riding the powerful and elegant GTS 125.  

If you have a knack for a sophisticated modern feel, then the Vespa GTS 125 offers you a thrilling riding experience. With one of the most powerful engines in Vespa history; the Euro 4 125 cc engine, and double disc brakes, this fantastic bike is the true definition of outstanding performance.

Perfect for either motorcycle tours or the bustle of the city traffic, the Vespa GTS 125 comes with state-of-the-art technical solutions, such as analog and digital instrument panels, beautiful horizontal grill, LED running lights, rear lights, and USB port.

We are also in awe of this mind-blowing scooter, which is why we offer the best Vespa GTS 125 insurance deals at mouth-watering prices. When it comes to unbeatable Vespa GTS 125 insurance deals, we are the go-to insurance comparison site for many riders in the UK.  You can see the Vespa GTS 125 on the Vespa Website

Do You Need Insurance?

Whether it’s a moped or a bike, riders are legally obligated to insure their vehicles in the UK. When it comes to Vespa GTS 125, you need all the cover you can get.

Insurance Policy Options

The Vespa GTS 125 insurance policy is available in three options. Each policy option offers different coverage, and your policy premium will be determined by which of these three policy options you choose.

Comprehensive Insurance

Being the most expensive Vespa GTS 125 insurance option, it covers damages to your scooter, personal injuries, and damages and injuries sustained by third parties.

Third Party, Fire, and Theft

This insurance policy covers your Vespa GTS 125 in the event of a robbery or fire accident.

Third Party Only

This insurance policy only covers injuries sustained by the third parties and damages to their bike. It doesn’t cover your injuries or damages to your GTS 125.

Cost of Your Vespa Insurance

The cost of your Vespa GTS 125 insurance isn’t fixed. Your vespa insurance is determined by:


The age of your Vespa GTS 125 will significantly determine how high or low your insurance premium will be.

Your Age

Older riders are more likely to attract lower Vespa GTS 125 insurance quotes than younger riders.

Where You Live

If you live in an area that exposes your Vespa GTS 125 to the risk of theft, then your insurance premium will be higher than someone else who doesn’t.


Equip your Vespa GTS 125 with extra security features and your insurance premium will be lower,

Get the Best Vespa GTS 125 Insurance Quote Today

Getting an insurance quote for your Vespa GTS 125 has never been more straightforward, with our extensive network of leading insurance providers all over the UK. By filling in a single form, you will get all the juiciest policies we offer.

Is this your first time or you are looking to get a better deal? Not to worry, simply request a quote and we’ll get you the best insurance deals. You can also call on 03339993057 to ask for a callback. We’ll be in touch!

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