RAC Breakdown Cover

RAC Breakdown Cover

Most standard motorbike insurances offer cover in the event of an accident or an insured incident, such as fire or theft. But not many of these insurance cover such emergencies such as your bike breaking down on the motorway. Unless you get help from a sympathetic road user or you have a breakdown cover, you are probably going to be stuck by the roadside for a long time.

Luckily, RAC offers riders a broad range of breakdown cover options. These breakdown covers are specifically designed for bikers and offer riders the luxury of choosing between 4 different levels of RAC breakdown cover. Any experienced rider is well aware that it is smart to have a breakdown cover in place to avoid being stranded by the roadside, especially at awkward hours. Xyz in partnership with RAC offers riders a 24-hour service, quick response time and a professional patrol team to ensure that bikers are not left stranded in the event of a breakdown.

Are you curious about the different RAC breakdown cover options? Here is an overview;

RAC Breakdown Basic

From non-starts, battery problems, cut-outs, fuel shortages to punctures, the RAC breakdown basic has your back. This breakdown cover option clocks in at only £39.99. With this breakdown cover option, you only pay for the bike components that need repair. If your bike cannot be fixed, RAC will move you 10 miles from the breakdown to a safe place or a garage.

RAC Breakdown Plus

The RAC Breakdown Plus package includes all the benefits that come with the basic breakdown cover and clocks in at £64.99. However, this breakdown cover option affords you the luxury of moving you and your passenger to any place within the country (if you have one at the time of the breakdown) if your bike cannot be fixed early. This breakdown cover option also covers also At Home assistance, which means if you experience a non-start before leaving home, RAC will be there to take you to your destination.

RAC Breakdown EU

This breakdown option offers you get all the services that come with the Breakdown Plus option with the addition of the EU cover and clocks in at £90.00. That’s right! If your bike experiences a breakdown anywhere within the European Union, RAC will handle everything from transporting your bike to the nearest garage, roadside repairs, or arranging for an alternative travel arrangement or accommodation if the need arises. This option does not cover bikes less than 121cc and can only be used after 24hours of the starting the RAC policy.

At Home Assistance

Imagine this; it’s time to get to work, you start your engine but instead experience a non-start. This will likely leave you stranded at home if you don’t have an alternative mode of transport apart from your bike. Luckily, the RAC at home assistance is here to help in such emergencies.  This breakdown cover clocks in at £74.99 annually and offers breakdown assistance in your home. This package comes with help if you experience a breakdown at home or ¼ of a mile from home. If you are 10 miles away from home, you get free towing services, and 20 miles away from home, you get a taxi fare. Isn’t that amazing?