Piaggio Liberty 50 Insurance

Piaggio Liberty 50

From its handy storage compartment which comes with a USB socket, sturdy single steel cradle, 50cc engine power, LCD, a 76-stroke telescopic hydraulic fork with a hydraulic shock absorber, to its 14” rear and 16” diameter wheels, the Piaggio Liberty 50 is a modern work of art. You can see the Liberty 50 on the Piaggio Website

We know just how amazing the Piaggio Liberty 50 is, which is why we bring you the Piaggio Liberty 50 insurance deals at unbeatable prices. As the best insurance comparison site in the UK, we offer the most attractive Piaggio Liberty 50 insurance deals.

Do You Need Insurance?

Of course, you need insurance! Whether it’s a moped, a bike or a scooter, motorbike insurance is mandatory in the UK. As a rider, you need to fulfill all the necessary legal requirements, which include getting your vehicle insured, before hitting the road. We also offer other Piaggio models insurance like Piaggio MP3 Insurance. Get you Piaggio insurance quote today.

Piaggio NRG Power 50 Insurance Policy Options

There are three types of policies from which you can choose from, with each offering a different cover. Your policy choice will determine how high or low the premium you pay. These policy options are:

Comprehensive Insurance

This is the most expensive Piaggio Liberty 50 Insurance you can buy, but it covers everything, from damages to your scooter, personal injuries, to damages and injuries sustained by third parties in the case of a crash.

Third Party, Fire, and Theft

This insurance policy insures your Piaggio Liberty 50 in the case of theft or a fire accident. Although this policy is quite expensive, it is worth breaking the bank for.

Third Party Only

Third party only insurance policy is mandatory for riders in the UK. This insurance policy only gives a basic cover for damages to the third party and their vehicle in the case of a crash. This does not cover the cost for personal injuries or damages to your Piaggio Liberty 50.

Cost of Your Piaggio Insurance

The Piaggio Liberty 50 insurance cost is not fixed; several factors determine how much you will pay for your Piaggio Liberty 50. These include;

Age and Model

The Piaggio Liberty 50 model attracts a high premium, but it is worth it when you consider all the fantastic benefits that come with this scooter.

Your Age

You can bet that the younger and less experienced you are, the higher the premium you will pay. If you are older and have been riding for several years or have completed an advanced rider’s course, you will pay less to get your Piaggio Liberty 50 insurance quotes.

Where You Live

Some areas have a higher level of theft than others. If you live in a location with a high crime rate, you’ll pay more. The less secure your area, the higher you pay.


While the Piaggio Liberty models have a relatively high premium compared to some other models, you can ensure that you get a reduced premium by increasing your Piaggio Liberty 50’s security features. With extra security features in place, you get a lower premium.

Get Your PIAGGIO Liberty 50 Insurance Quote Today

With an impressive network of top insurance providers all over the UK, we make getting an insurance quote a cake walk. All you need is to fill out a single form simply, and you’ve got the best insurance policies with all the cover that you need. Is this your first time or you are looking to get a better deal? Not to worry, request a quote, and we’ll get you the best insurance deals.