PIAGGIO NRG Power 50 Insurance


Like you, we admire this scooter. Hence, we are committed to bringing you the best Piaggio NRG Power 50 insurance deals. As one of the country’s most famous insurance bike comparison sites, we’ll find you the most unbeatable Piaggio NRG Power 50 insurance prices. Guaranteed!

With its double cradle frame, 13-inch wheels, single two-stroke cylinder, and aggressive graphics that enhance its sporty features,the NRG Power 50 is pure sport. With the right insurance cover in place, you can enjoy all that it has to offer. You can see the NRG Power 50 on the Piaggio Website

Do You Need Insurance?

In the UK, motorbike insurance is a legal requirement, which is why it is important to get covered before you hit the road. We offer a range off quotes including Piaggio MP3 Insurance. Get you Piaggio insurance quote today.

Piaggio NRG Power 50 Insurance Policy Options

There are three types of policies from which you can choose. Each one provides a different cover. These policies differ in their coverage, so you should base your choice on what is most important to insure rather than cost.The type of policy you choose also determines the cost of your premium.

Comprehensive Insurance

This is the highest Piaggio NRG Power 50 Insurance you can buy. It covers damages to your scooter, and injuries to you. It also paysout for damages and injuries sustained by third parties. Although, comprehensive insurance is the most expensive, it is definitely worth the money.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

This insurance policy protects the third party if an accident occurs. It also covers you if your scooter is stolen or damaged in a fire.

Third Party Only

Every motorbike owner must, at least, have the third party only insurance policy. It covers onlythe cost of damages and injuries to a third party and their bike. The policy doesn’t pay out for your injuries or damages to your Piaggio NRG Power 50.

Cost of Your Piaggio Insurance

The cost of your Piaggio NRG Power 50 insurance isn’t fixed. It is determined by some factors including:

Age and Model

The Power 50 doesn’t attract high premiums like the Beverly, Medley or Liberty model. Itsage also goes a long way in determining the cost you’ll pay.

Your Age

Young riders often make the most claims. They, therefore, attract higher Piaggio NRG Power 50 insurance quotes.

Where You Live

Some areas have a higher level of theft than others. If you live in a location with a high crime rate, you’ll pay more.


Your Piaggio NRG power 50 insurance premium will be lower if your scooter has extra security features.

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