PIAGGIO Typhoon 50 Insurance

PIAGGIO Typhoon 50

Scoot Scoot collaborates with the top insurance providers in the UK to bring you the cheapest Piaggio Typhoon 50 Insurance policies. We believe you don’t need to pay heavily to insure your scooter. Hence, we work tirelessly to find the best coverage for you. That is why we are the UK’s leading scooter insurance comparison site.

The Piaggio Typhoon 50 is the perfect bike for teenagers to make an entry into the bike world. Its aesthetic design, sporty look, spacious underseat compartment, powerful engine and brake makes the typhoon 50 one of the best low-price scooter on the market. You can see the typhoon 50 on the Piaggio Website

Do You Need Insurance To Drive Your Typhoon 50?

Yes. It is a legal requirement to have the minimum Insurance in place before you ride on public roads. We also offer Piaggio MP3 Insurance quotes. Get you Piaggio insurance quote today.

Types of PIAGGIO Typhoon 50 Insurance

There are three types of insurance coverage you can for your scooter. They differ in what is covered during a claim.

Third Party Insurance

The third party insurance policy covers the damages and injuries of a third party in an accident. The coverage doesn’t extend to you.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

Along with a third party coverage, this policy also pays out when your scooter is stolen or damaged by fire.

Comprehensive Cover

This provides coverage for both you and a third party for damages and injuries. It is also the most expensive Piaggio Typhoon 50 you can purchase.

What Affects the Cost of Your Piaggio Typhoon 50 Insurance?

Your insurance premium cost is determined by a number of factors. Some of these are:

Your Age and That of the Scooter

Like other models in the 50 range, your bike is a low-price and attracts lower premiums. Another factor is your age. Older people are more careful when riding; hence pay lower insurance cost.

Your Location

If you live in a place with a high crime rate, your Piaggio Typhoon 50 Insurance cost is higher.


You may also get to pay lower cost if you keep your Typhoon 500 in as secured garage or add extra security features.

Why Choose Scoot Scoot?

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Scoot Scoot has access to more than 40 top insurers in the UK, so rest assured, we can bring the best policies.

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Free No-Obligation Quote

Requesting a quote is pretty easy. What’s more, it is free too and you don’t have to purchase a policy.

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