Peugeot Tweet 50 Insurance

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The Peugeot Tweet 50 features large 16” wheels that offer superb stability and easy handling. Its compact, slim and light build makes riding pleasurable in the city traffic. It comes with an analog dashboard, a glove compartment, and an underseat storage space for increased comfort.  

Powered by a 4-stroke 50cc engine, this machine is just ideal for city life. With a Peugeot Tweet 50 insurance providing the right cover at minimal cost, you can ride this machine without fears of theft or damage.

Do You Need Insurance?

Insuring your bike is a legal requirement for riders in the UK. Without one, you may be heavily fined. Your scooter may also be impounded.

Peugeot Tweet 50 Insurance Insurance Policy Options

The Peugeot Tweet 50 insurance policy is available in three options. They are the comprehensive insurance, the third party only, and the third party, fire, and theft insurance options.

 Comprehensive Insurance

This policy covers damages to your Peugeot Tweet 50, injuries to you, and damages and injuries sustained by third parties. It is the most expensive and extensive of all three options.

Third Party, Fire, and Theft

This insurance policy, in addition to covering third parties, protects your Peugeot Tweet 50 in case of a fire accident or theft.

Third Party Only

The third party policy covers only injuries sustained by a third party and damages to their properties.

Factors that Affect Cost Insurance

Insurers determine the cost of insurance using some factors. Some of these are:

Your Age

Young riders attract higher insurance premium than older and more experienced riders.


Living in a high crime rate area puts your scooter at risk.  Therefore, your insurance premium will be higher.


Adding more anti-theft features on your scooter reduces the cost insurance.  

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