Peugeot Django Heritage 150 SBC Insurance

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Inspired by a blend of vintage and new designs, the Django Heritage 150 SBC is powered by a 150cc engine and features LED lighting, a lockable dual compartment glove box, a 12-volt charging socket, a luggage bay, large flat floor pan, and a semi-digital dashboard which comes with a trip computer.

Why Do I Need to Insure My Scooter?

In the UK, bikes, scooters and even mopeds must be insured before it can be ridden on public roads.

Insurance Policy Options

There are three Peugeot Django Heritage 150 SBC insurance policy options you can choose from. Each option offers different coverage. These are;


Comprehensive insurance thoroughly covers you from personal injuries, medical bills, and repair costs to buying a new Django Heritage 150 SBC if necessary. You’ll also be covered for third-party injuries, repair costs and medical expenses. This option is pricey but quite rewarding.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

The third party, fire, and theft insurance option covers your Django Heritage 150 SBC against a fire accident or theft and also covers third-party injuries and repair costs.

Third Party Only

This is the only insurance option that is mandatory for riders in the UK. It is cheap and covers third-party injuries and repair costs, but does not pay out for personal injuries or damages to your scooter.

Cost of Your Peugeot Insurance

The cost of your scooter’s insurance premium varies, and this is mostly due to the following factors:  


Age is vital when it comes to deciding your premium. The younger you are, the more likely you will pay a high premium and vice versa.


Experienced riders get lesser premiums because they are more likely to make fewer claims.


If you live in an insecure area, your premium will be on the high side compared to someone who lives in a relatively safe neighbourhood.


The more security features your Django Heritage 150 SBC has, the lower your insurance premium will likely be.

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