Peugeot Django Sport 50 SBC Insurance

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From its signature sport graphics, stylish grey wheels and black tyres, alloy pillion footrests, hidden passenger seat, 12V charging socket to its 50cc engine, the Django Sport 50 SBC is the true definition of the future of racing. With a semi-digital dashboard fitted with a trip computer, the Django Sport 50 SBC is an excellent ride for modern riders and what makes this scooter a winner is its AM license which makes it accessible to riders aged 16 and above.

This is, no doubt, one of the coolest bikes we’ve seen and what could be better than getting the best Peugeot Django Sport 50 SBC insurance deal.

Do I really Need Insurance?

Many riders often wonder if they need to go through the hassle of getting their bike or scooter insured. Well, if you are a rider in the UK, you probably won’t have to muse over this since it is a legal requirement for any bike owner to insure their bikes and scooters.

Insurance Policy Options

There are three insurance policy types to choose, with each offering a different cover option. Your insurance choice is entirely up to you and what you want.


Many riders often complain that this insurance type is expensive. Yes, it is. But it is the most rewarding Peugeot Django Sport 50 SBC insurance you can purchase. This insurance type pays out for personal injuries, medical bills, repair cost or procuring a new bike. It also covers third party injuries, medical treatment, repair costs or procurement of a new vehicle. Some insurers may include payment for a temporary bike while yours is being fixed.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

This insurance option insures your Django Sport 50 SBC in case of a fire accident or theft. It also covers third-party injuries and damages to their vehicles.

Third Party Only

Just as the name suggests, this insurance option only takes care of third party injuries and damages to their vehicle. Of all three options, this is the most inexpensive and mandatory insurance option. With this policy, you will have to personally pay for your injuries and damages to your  Django Sport 50 SBC.

Cost of Your Peugeot Insurance

The cost of your Django Sport 50 SBC insurance premium isn’t fixed but may be determined by;


Older riders may likely pay less for their Peugeot Django Sport 50 SBC insurance premium compared to young riders.


The more experienced you are, the lower your scooter’s insurance premium will be and vice versa.


If where you live place your Django Sport 50 SBC at risk of theft, then your insurance premium will be higher.


The more secure your scooter is, the lower your premium will be. So, adding extra security features to your scooter may not only theft-proof it but also secure you a lower premium.

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