Peugeot Citystar 125 ABS Insurance

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The Peugeot Citystar 125 ABS is a bike we love. Well equipped, it is powered by a 125cc engine and comes with an anti-braking system for safety. It also comes with a storage space that comfortably accommodates two helmets. It economises fuel and offers plenty of performance and speed for an enjoyable ride. We’ll find the best Peugeot Citystar 125 ABS insurance coverage that gives you the right protection.

Is Insurance Compulsory?

Riding your scooter on public roads in the UK without insurance is a violation of the law. So, yes, it’s mandatory to insure your Citystar 125 ABS.

Insurance Policies You Can Choose From

There are three Citystar 125 ABS insurance policies available. These policies offer different coverage at varying cost.

Third Party Only

This policy only insures third parties and does not protect your scooter or cover any injury you sustain. It is the basic policy you can purchase.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

The policy insures your scooter against theft and fire. Also, it covers the costs of damages to properties of third parties and their injuries.


This policy pays out for damages to your Citystar and properties of a third party. It also covers personal injury and cost of medical treatment of you and third parties.

What Affects Insurance Cost?

Varying factors determine insurance costs. They include:


Older riders are more careful. Thus, they pay lower prices compared to younger riders


If you live in an area where the rate of theft is high, then you’ll pay more to insure your scooter.

Riding Experience

Riders with high experience tend to pay lower insurance rates compared to those with little or no experience.


Installing more security features such as an alarm or keeping your Citystar 125 ABS in a secured garage lowers your premium rate.

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