Peugeot Belville 125 ABS Insurance

In the world of automobile and scooter production, Peugeot is a brand to be reckoned with. Also, when it comes to sourcing the cheapest Peugeot Belville 125 ABS Insurance in the UK, Scoot Scoot is miles ahead of others.

We are the leading insurance comparison site in the UK. We take great pride in providing scooter owners with affordable insurance quotes. Our task is simply to help you get the best Peugeot Belville 125 ABS Insurance in the UK. We are not an insurance company and won’t influence your decision.

Peugeot Belville 125 ABS is a fast, high-wheeled scooter that delivers comfort and performance. It comes with an anti-lock braking system (ABS), which is hard to find in many 125s. Despite its high-wheel, Belville 125 ABS can take a full face helmet. It is equipped with a water-cooled 2-valve engine that economises fuel. With the best Peugeot Belville 125 ABS Insurance deal providing cover, you’ll worry less of loss or damage to your scooter.

Why Do You Need Insurance?

For riding your Belville in the UK without insurance coverage, you could be severely penalised.

Types of Insurance Policy

Riding on UK roads require you to purchase at least the minimum Peugeot Belville 125 ABS Insurance, which is the third party only policy.

Third Party Only

This is the cheapest type of policy. It covers only a third party. Its coverage does not include injuries to you or cost of replacement/repair of your scooter.

Third Party, Theft, and Fire

This policy covers third parties, and also pays out for damages in a fire or when your bike is stolen.


This policy insures you against injuries to third parties and damages to their properties. Also, it covers damages to your scooter and injuries sustained by you. You may also get compensation for the loss of your earnings.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Insurance

Age: Younger riders pay higher insurance rates as they are prone to accident. Newer scooters also attract a higher cost.

Security: With more security features installed on your scooter, the cost of insurance comes down.

Location: If you live in an area with a high theft rate, you’ll pay more insurance premium.

Riding Experience: Insurance premiums are lower when riders have enough experience.

Claims History: A long claims record might weigh against you when calculating your insurance cost.

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