Motorcycle Security

Motorcycle Security

Motorcycle theft continues to increase annually; this means that bike owners have to be extra vigilant. Bike thieves are adopting smarter and stealthier ways to steal bikes; this leaves the average motorcycle owner no choice but to bring on their A-game when it comes to securing their bikes. The more secured your bike is, the lesser the chance of it being whisked away by a bike thief.

So, what are some of the security measures you can put in place to put off potential bike thieves? Here are a few of them;

Secure Parking

Make sure to park your bike in a secure motorcycle parking area. Most cities have a safe parking area for motorcycles, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Extra measures such as alarm installation and locking down your bike are not bad ideas. When it comes to keeping your bike protected, you need all the security you can get.

Motorbike Alarms and Immobilisers

One of the best ways to deter bike thieves is to install alarms and immobilisers on your motorcycle. These will ensure that your bike stays secure from potential theft. Ensure that your bike alarms and immobilisers are Thatcham approved and professionally fitted by a trained technician to guarantee its effectiveness.


Try and keep your bike out of sight as much as possible. If you own a garage, make good use it. When not in use, stow your bike away in the garage from prying eyes. Ensure that your garage is secure and burgle-proof. You may also want to take extra precaution by locking your bike to a ground anchor (if possible) and alarm it. Don’t have a garage? Fret not! Avoid parking your motorcycle in secluded areas as it is much easier to steal your bike with almost no witnesses around. Instead, park your bike in busy areas or areas with enough CCTV coverage, this will deter potential thieves from stealing your bike.

Motorbike Locks

Bike locks are the most obvious type of security measure for preventing bike theft. There is a wide range of motorbike locks which can be secured to an immovable object such as a lamppost, a ground anchor or another bike to ensure your bike’s safety. Motorbike locks are not 100% theft proof and may require additional security measures.

Mark Your Motorcycle

Another sure way of securing your motorbike is by marking parts of your motorcycle with your vehicle identification number, vehicle registration, and postcode. Try to label as many parts of your bike, in case your bike gets stolen and taken apart; it will be difficult to sell your motorcycle’s components due to the markings.  Marking your bike is super easy, you can easily mark your bike with an ordinary UV pen or opt for a more sophisticated method such as Alpha Dot, Datatag or Smartwater which can help you track and retrieve your bike in case of a theft.