Motorcycle Helmet & Leathers Cover

Motorcycle Helmet & Leathers Cover

When it comes to motorcycling, you can’t underestimate the importance of a helmet and leathers. Wearing a helmet and leathers could be the deciding factor of if you survive or not if an accident occurs. As protective equipment, quality helmets are essential and likely to be on the high side when it comes to purchasing them. Leathers, on the other hand, cushion the effect of a crash on you; they provide impact and abrasion in the event of an accident. If you experience a motorcycle accident, it is likely that your helmet and leathers may suffer severe and irreparable damages. This is one of the reasons riders need helmet and leathers cover. At XYZ, motorcycle helmet and leather cover is one of the ranges of cover options available in our insurance policy scheme.

What Exactly Is Helmet & Leathers Cover

The helmet and leathers cover is a cover option from xyz which protects you in the event of a motorcycle accident. This cover option covers the expenses of damages to your helmet, boots, gloves, protective clothing, and leathers. With the helmet and leathers cover, you can receive up to £1,500 worth of cover, which is enough to get you kitted out again.

Xyz’s helmet and leathers policy cost just £48.00, and covers all of your protective clothing, such as your helmet, gloves, boots, leathers or other protective clothing, against loss and damage in the event of a motorcycle accident within the United Kingdom.

Why Do I Need Helmet and Leathers Insurance?

It doesn’t matter how carefully or slowly you ride, there are still chances that you may be involved in a motorcycle accident. A good helmet and the right riding kit can be lifesavers in such unexpected events. The fact that quality helmets and leathers can be very expensive makes it necessary for riders to have helmet and leathers cover. You want to be sure that even after your “thousand pounds” helmet and leathers are damaged, you can get a reimbursement to purchase a new one.

Don’t Have Helmet And Leathers Cover?

As a rider, if you don’t have helmet and leathers cover, you are at risk of incurring a significant loss in the event of a motorcycle accident which leaves your helmet, leathers or protective clothing damaged.

If you don’t have insurance, you will most likely spend tons of pounds paying for your leathers’ and purchasing a quality helmet. Xyz helmet and leathers cover saves you all that unnecessary hassle and financial loss.