Lexmoto ZSX-F 125 EFI Insurance

At Scoot Scoot, we love super cool bikes like the Lexmoto ZSX-F 125 EFI, which is why we always strive to bring you mouth-watering Lexmoto ZSX-F 125 EFI insurance deals! There are tons of comparison sites in the UK, but we are the most sought after because we offer the most outstanding insurance quotes from our panel of top insurance providers at meager prices. We are professionals at what we do; we only collect and compare insurance quotes; we won’t persuade you to pick one insurance policy over the other. Our job is to help you get the right insurance plan for your Lexmoto ZSX-F 125 EFI at startlingly low prices.

Lexmoto ZSX-F 125 EFI Description

The Lexmoto ZSX-F 125 EFI is the new definition of performance. Ingeniously designed to provide comfort to the everyday commuter, the Lexmoto ZSX-F 125 EFI features a 409 grade stainless steel exhaust system, a 125cc Euro 4 engine, combined braking, fuel injection technology, rear disc brakes and mono rear shocks, single shock absorber, LED indicators and Headlight, digital display, under-seat storage which features a luggage rack, 12v battery, 18 litre fuel capacity and EFI system.

Do I Need to get My Lexmoto ZSX-F 125 EFI Insured?

In the UK, getting your motorbike or scooter insured is a legal obligation which riders must fulfill before hitting the road. Apart from this, it also ensures that you and your Lexmoto ZSX-F 125 EFI are covered in case of an accident.

Lexmoto ZSX-F 125 EFI Insurance Policy Options

Getting your Lexmoto ZSX-F 125 EFI insured with Scoot Scoot is easy and saves you from any hassle with the law. There are different insurance policy types to choose from, and it is solely based on your preference or financial capability. These include;


This is the most extensive and pricey Lexmoto ZSX-F 125 EFI Insurance you can opt for. The comprehensive insurance covers damages to your Lexmoto ZSX-F 125 EFI, the cost of buying a new Lexmoto ZSX-F 125 EFI, personal injuries, and medical bills. It also pays out for third-party damages, injuries and medical treatment. No doubt, this insurance policy is worth it.


This is the cheapest insurance option and is mandatory for every motorbike owner in the UK. It covers the cost of third party injuries, medical expenses, and damages to their vehicle. The policy does not insure personal injuries or damages to your Lexmoto ZSX-F 125 EFI.


This insurance policy pays covers third-party injuries and damages to their vehicles and also pays out for your Lexmoto ZSX-F 125 EFI against theft or a fire accident.

Cost of Your Lexmoto ZSX-F 125 EFI Insurance

Generally, the cost of your Lexmoto ZSX-F 125 EFI ABS insurance isn’t fixed but can be affected by several factors including:


Young riders are often regarded as less experienced riders and may ultimately attract a costlier Lexmoto ZSX-F 125 EFI premium compared to older riders.

Riding History

Riders with a history of riding conviction will likely pay a higher premium compared to riders with a clean record.

Amount of Claims

Riders with some claims will automatically pay a higher Lexmoto ZSX-R 125 EFI insurance premium compared to riders with zero claims.

Annual mileage

Your estimated annual mileage also determines the cost of your Lexmoto ZSX-R 125 EFI insurance premium. That is, the higher your estimated annual mileage; the higher your premium and vice versa.


If your Lexmoto ZSX-R 125 EFI has undergone extensive modifications, then you are more likely to attract a higher premium compared to someone who rides a standard Lexmoto ZSX-R 125 EFI.


The less secure your area, the more expensive your Lexmoto ZSX-R 125 EFI insurance premium will be and vice versa.


Equipping your Lexmoto ZSX-R 125 EFI with extra security features might cost you some extra pounds but would drastically reduce the cost of your insurance premium.

Get Your Lexmoto ZSX-R 125 EFI Insurance Quote Today

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