Lexmoto Echo 50 Insurance

If you intend to get into riding, then something like a Lexmoto Echo 50 could be the perfect place for you to start. The Lexmoto Echo 50 is a fantastic first scooter for any young rider, but you must make sure you get Lexmoto Echo 50 insurance beforehand.

Keep your Lexmoto Echo 50 on the road with insurance

The Lexmoto Echo 50 is a quality scooter that has become a starting point for anyone aged 16 and above. This is a 50cc moped that can hit a top speed of 28mph, making it very useful for beginners who want to learn in a city or town environment. Although it is not suitable for motorways, the Lexmoto Echo 50 is more than good enough to use for getting around local areas with simplicity.

It also comes with extra storage space compared to other 50cc models, making the Lexmoto Echo 50 a good choice for those taking on delivery jobs and other services.

If you wish to get Lexmoto Echo 50 insurance, then you should take a look at the various options that we have for you below. Our Lexmoto Echo 50 insurance comparison tools make it easy to get the best quote from a proven provider.

  • Get a Lexmoto Echo 50 insurance quote that is made specifically for you, and you alone.
  • Cover your bike with third party or fully comprehensive cover, it is your choice entirely.
  • Improve your Lexmoto Echo 50 coverage with add-ons such as multi-bike support and cover.
  • Get a bespoke insurance claim that can give you the best deal on the market available.

Lexmoto Echo 50 insurance policy options

You have several options to choose from when it comes to buying Lexmoto Echo 50 insurance. However, you might want to ensure that your policy is covered by one of the three key insurance styles. These include:

  • Third Party Insurance. The simplest, cheapest form of cover that protects others, not yourself, from paying out on medical and repair costs in the event of a crash.
  • Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance. Provides the same third party cover as above, but also protects you in the event that your Lexmoto Echo 50 is burnt or stolen.
  • Comprehensive Insurance. Protects you from medical and repair costs and can protect both you and other drivers on the road in the event of a problem taking place.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age can I drive my Lexmoto Echo 50?

The Lexmoto Echo 50 is a learner friendly vehicle and can be driven from the age of 16 with the right license.

Do I need a license to ride my Lexmoto Echo 50?

You need at least an AM license to ride a Lexmoto Echo 50, complete with your CBT as well as practical and theoretical exam success.

Do I need insurance to ride my Lexmoto Echo 50?

You need insurance to ride any vehicle, including a Lexmoto Echo 50.

What is the top speed I can take my Lexmoto Echo 50 to?

The top speed of a Lexmoto Echo 50 is 28 miles per hour, the same as most 50cc mopeds.