Lexmoto LX08 Insurance

If you choose to buy a Lexmoto LX08, you are buying a highly impressive little scooter. It is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a battery-powered scooter that can give them incredible speeds for something so dainty. However, if you own a Lexmoto LX08, you also need to find a Lexmoto LX08 insurance policy.

Keep your Lexmoto LX08 on the road with insurance

The Lexmoto LX08 is a powerful little scooter, and is the ideal choice for anyone intending to go electric. Unlike other electric scooters, this has the capacity to reach speeds of 47mph, and can travel for as far as 60 miles in the right circumstance. This makes it ideal for jaunts around town, delivery drives, or a simple way to get around without having to own a car.

The Lexmoto LX08 is also eligible for OLEV grants, and could be a more affordable option than going down the more traditionally chosen petrol route.

If you do intend to take out Lexmoto LX08 insurance, then we recommend you use our insurance comparison here at Scoot Scoot. This can be just what you are looking for when you need something that can get you on the road in no time, fully insured and ready to ride.

  • All Lexmoto LX08 insurance policies are specifically offered to you based on your given details.
  • Each policy can be adjusted with additional cover to support more than one Lexmoto LX08.
  • Our insurance comparison platform compiles the best offers from the most reputable providers.
  • We give you all of the information you need to make a decision with complete confidence.

Lexmoto LX08 insurance policy options

Take a look at our Lexmoto LX08 insurance policy comparison tool, and you can quickly break down the best options for you. Most forms of Lexmoto LX08 are covered by one of three policy styles:

  • Third Party Insurance. This is a general form of cover that protects any third party impacted by your Lexmoto LX08 on the roads in the form of additional support.
  • Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance. You benefit from third party cover as above, but you also get protection in the event of your Lexmoto LX08 being caught in theft or fire incidents.
  • Comprehensive Insurance. This gives you total confidence that you are covered, with both yourself and anyone else involved in an incident with your Lexmoto LX08 covered medically.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age can I drive my Lexmoto LX08?

Though this is an electric scooter, you are not able to drive a Lexmoto LX08 at the age of 16.

Do I need a license to ride my Lexmoto LX08?

To ride a Lexmoto LX08, you must get a license such as an A1 or A2 license. The DVLA can provide you with more details relevant to your current experience.

Do I need insurance to ride my Lexmoto LX08?

Yes, every on-road vehicle in the UK must be taxed and insured before you can drive it.

What is the top speed I can take my Lexmoto LX08 to?

The top speed of a Lexmoto LX08 caps out at 47 miles per hour.