Lexmoto Falcon 125 Insurance

Lexmoto Falcon 125 Insurance

Whether it’s your first time or you are looking to up your insurance option, you’ve probably heard people complain about how stressful getting your bike insured can get, but not when you’ve got Scoot Scoot. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring you the best insurance deals on the market for your Lexmoto Falcon 125. We are also crazy about cool sports bikes like the Lexmoto Falcon 125, which is why we are eager to get you the best deals from over 40 of the UK’s best insurance providers. The best part is, we will get you the juiciest insurance deals at low prices; no other comparison site does it better, all you need to do is fill in our form to get started. We offer free no-obligatory quotes and won’t infringe on your right to choose the insurance option that works best for you.

Lexmoto Falcon 125 Description

When it comes to the best sports bikes on the market, the Lexmoto Falcon 125 blazes the trail. Powered by one of the most powerful engines in Lexmoto history; the 125cc 4 stroke unit engine with Delphi Fuel injection, the Lexmoto Falcon 125   comes with USD front and Monoshock rear suspension, large tyres, combined braking, digital display, hydraulic disc, LED indicators and is designed with a classic sporty feel. Like you, we can’t help but fall in love with this thrilling sports bike from Lexmoto.

Why Do I Need Insurance?

You need insurance for a good number of reasons, but most importantly so you can get the coverage you need in case of an emergency. Also, if you ride a bike, scooter or moped in the UK, you must get insurance before you hit public roads.

Lexmoto Falcon 125 Insurance Policy Options

The Lexmoto Falcon 125 insurance premium is available in three options, with each option offering different coverage. These are;


This insurance option is, no doubt, expensive but covers almost everything from personal injuries, damages to your Lexmoto Falcon 125 or cost of buying a new one, medical treatment, third-party injuries, and medical treatment to damages to their vehicle or property.


This insurance option is the cheapest and most important insurance option for all riders in the UK and pays out for third-party injuries, medical expenses and damages to their vehicle or property. Third-party only does take care of personal injuries or damages to your Lexmoto Falcon 125.


The third-party, fire and theft insurance option covers third-party injuries, repair costs, medical expenses and your Lexmoto Falcon 125 in case of theft or a fire accident.

 Cost of Your Lexmoto Falcon 125 Insurance

The cost of your Lexmoto Falcon 125 is determined by a broad range of factors, including;


Older riders tend to attract fewer claims and as such, automatically attract lower insurance premiums than younger riders.

 Riding History

If you’ve ever been penalized for violating a road law, you will likely pay a higher insurance premium compared to riders with a clean record.

Amount of Claims

Claims do play a significant role in determining the cost of your Lexmoto Falcon 125 insurance premium. Higher claims equal a high insurance premium and vice versa

Annual mileage

Insurance companies often use the estimated annual mileage of riders to determine the cost of their insurance premium. A low annual mileage will automatically earn you an inexpensive Lexmoto Falcon 125 insurance premium.


Extensive modifications to your Lexmoto Falcon 125 could significantly increase the cost of your Lexmoto Falcon 125 insurance premium.


The more unsafe your location is, the higher the chances that your Lexmoto Falcon 125 may be stolen or vandalised. As such, riders who reside in such unsafe areas may likely pay a higher premium.


Getting your Lexmoto Falcon 125 fitted with extra security accessories or stowing it away in a safe place when not in use can also help you reduce the cost of your Lexmoto Falcon 125 insurance premium.

Get Your Lexmoto Falcon 125 Insurance Quote Today

When it comes to bringing riders all over the UK the best Lexmoto Falcon 125 insurance deals at low prices from leading insurers in the UK, no other comparison site can beat Scoot Scoot. Simply fill in our form to access the best insurance deals on the market. You can get started by requesting a quote from us; it’s absolutely free and non-obligatory. Want to reach us on the phone instead?  Contact us on 0333 577 6406.