Honda Goldwing Motorcycle Insurance

Honda GL1800 Gold Wing Insurance

With a bike like the GL1800 Gold Wing, you need a gold treatment when looking for the right Honda GL1800 Gold Wing insurance deals. That’s exactly what we offer.

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Honda GL1800 Gold Wing Description

Completely redesigned, the new Honda GL1800 Gold Wing features a new engine, chassis and suspension system. With four riding modules, you can pick a mode that suits your mood and the track. It comes equipped with cockpit instrumentation that consists of a 7” full-colour display, which includes the Voice control, Bluetooth, Audio Navigation and the rider modes. It also has a storage space, electrically-operated windscreen and a smart key feature.

Do You Need Insurance?

To ride your bike in the UK, you are legally requiredto have insurance cover for it. Your bike could be confiscated if you don’t insure it.

Insurance Policy Options

You can choose between three Honda GL1800 Gold Wing insurance policy options. These are the comprehensive, the third party only, and the third party, fire, and theft insurance options. The policies offerdifferentcoveragesat varying costs.

 Comprehensive Insurance

The comprehensive policy is the most extensive of all three as it covers basically everything. It coversthe cost of medical treatment, personal injuries and thecost of replacing or repairing your bike. It also coversthird-party damages and injuries.

Third Party, Fire, and Theft

This policy protects your bike, covering the cost of replacement or repair in the event of a robbery or a fire accident. It also covers damages to third parties’ properties and injuries they sustain.

Third Party Only

The third party only insurance policy covers only injuries to third parties and damages to their vehicle and other properties.

Factors that Affects the Cost of Insurance

The cost of yourHonda GL1800 Gold Wing insurance is determined by:


If you live in an areathat puts your Honda GL1800 Gold Wing at risk of theft, your insurance premium could be higher.


With extra security features such as a security alarm or by keeping your bike in a secure garage, you reduce your insurance premium.

Claims History

Having little or no claims history could qualify you for a no-claims discount.

Annual Mileage

Insurance companies also consider your annual mileage when calculating your premium cost. High mileage attracts a high insurance rate. Likewise, low mileage reduces your insurance cost. 

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