Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin Insurance

Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin Insurance

Are you finding it difficult to get the best Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin insurance policies?We can help you out. We are the most reliable bike insurance comparison site in the UK. Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of bike owners get the most suitable deals. With access to over 40 of the top insurers in the country, we make getting insurance quotes completely hassle-free.

CRF1000L Africa Twin Description

The CRF1000L Africa Twinis equipped with a Throttle By Wire that comes with 3 ride modes. On DCT models, an additional G mode is added to suit off-road rides. It also comes with a new LCD instrument panel that enables riders to clearly and easily see information even when standing.

Is Motorbike Insurance Necessary?

You have to insure your bike before you can ride it on the UK’s public roads.If you are caught riding it without insurance, you could get it seized.

Insurance Policy Types

The three Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin insurance policy types are comprehensive insurance, third party only and third party, fire, and theft. The policy options differ in coverage and costs.

 Comprehensive Insurance

The comprehensive policy has the best coverage of all three.  It covers damages, cost of medical treatment and personal injuries. It also protects you against damages and injuries sustained by third parties.

Third Party, Fire, and Theft

Aside from covering third parties’ injuries and damages to properties, it protects your bike if itis stolen or damaged in a fire.

Third Party Only

The third party only is the cheapest of all the policies. It covers only injuries sustained by third parties and damages to their properties.

Factors that Affect Cost Insurance

Some factors could affect the cost of your insurance premium. They include;

Claims History

Riders who have made zero or little claims can get a discount which helps reduce insurance claims.


Living in anarea with a high crime rate puts your bike at risk of theft. As a result,  your cost of insurance could be higher.


Riders who use their bike everyday make higher insurance paymentthan those who ride theirs occasionally.


Adding more anti-theft features such as an alarm on your bike or keeping it in a shed makes it more secure and thus reduces the cost insurance. 

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