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Harley-Davidson 2019 FXDR 114 Description

The new FXDR 114 is equipped with the most powerful enginein the Softailseries – the Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine. The alloy components, aluminium swingarm and subframe help reduce the overall weight of the bike, resulting in better handling and faster acceleration. Its inverted racing style design helps improve steering input, braking and handling. As a Softail bike, it has the series’ unique frame that makes for increased agility. The adjustable mono-shock rear suspension enhances cornering, acceleration, and braking, while the stretched fuel tank gives it an aggressive look. It comes with modern technology including a LED headlamp, rear lighting and turn signals, keyless ignition and riser gauge.

Is Insurance Needed?

It is a legal obligation that you insure your bike before riding it on public roads in the UK. If you are caught without the required cover, your bike may be seized. Aside from that, getting an insurance policy protects you and your bikeagainst unforeseen circumstances.

Harley-Davidson 2019 FXDR 114 Insurance Policy Types

There are three types of Hayley-Davidson motorbike insurance policies. They are the comprehensive insurance, the third party only, and the third party, fire, and theft insurance options.


The comprehensive policy is the most complete of all three options and often the most expensive. It covers damages to your bike and other peoples’ properties. It also coversthe cost of treating injuries sustained by you and third parties.

Third Party, Fire, and Theft

Aside from covering third-party liabilities, this policy protects your bike in the event it is stolen or damaged in a fire.

Third Party Only

This is often the cheapest insurance policy you can opt for. However, it has the most limited protection.It covers injuries sustained by third parties and damages to their properties only.

How to Reduce Insurance Cost

There are some things you can do to reduce your Harley-Davidson 2019 FXDR 114 insurance premium. These include:


If you ride your bike for pleasure or occasionally, you could pay a low insurance premium.


Adding more security features such as an alarm, GPS or immobiliseron your bike or keeping it in a locked garage or shed could reducepremium.

Advanced Rider Course

Completing an approved advanced rider course could also help loweryour insurance premium.

Voluntary Excess

If you choose to pay a higher voluntary excess, you could be able to get a low insurance cost.

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