Aprilia SX 125 Insurance

Aprilia SX 125 Insurance

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Aprilia SX 125 Description

Similar to the RX 125, the Aprilia SX 125 is a sophisticated bike that offers powerful performance to all bike lovers. It is also driven by a Euro 4-approved 125cc engine. It features a Bosch Anti-lock Braking System that ensures precision and total control during braking. The Aprilia SX 125 comes with a digital dashboard that enables riders toread speed, time, mileage, battery voltage and distance travelled during riding sessions.

Why Need Insurance?

It is illegal in the UK to ride a two-wheeler without insurance coverage. If you are caught riding your bike without insuring it, the authorities could confiscate it.

Types of Policies

There are three Aprilia SX 125 insurance policy types from which you can select the most suitable. These policies differ in coverage and costs.

Third Party Only

This is the minimum policy you can purchase. It covers the cost of damages to third parties’ properties and injuries sustained by them. It doesn’t cover you or your bike.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

This policy provides coverage for third parties,and protects you only when your Aprilia SX 125 is damaged in a fire or stolen.


This is the most complete insurance. It covers the costs of medical treatment incurred by you and third parties. It also covers personal injuries,damages to your bike and third parties’ properties.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Insurance

Insurance companies calculate the cost of premium using some criteria. Some of these are:


Riders who live in areas with a high rate of theft pay more premium than those who live in relatively crime-free locations.


Riders with little or no experience make more claims than experienced riders, hence pay more.


Keeping your Aprilia SX 125 locked in a garage or adding more security features lowers premium rates.

Claims History

Riders who have a high claim request tend to pay a higher insurance cost than those with little or no claim.

Get the Cheapest Aprilia SX 125 Insurance Quotes in the UK

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