Aprilia RS 125 Insurance

Aprilia RS 125 Insurance

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Aprilia RS 125 Description

The Aprilia RS 125 has a new look, with three headlights, and is modelled after the RSV4. It is powered by a 125cc 4-stroke, single cylinder engine that provides immense reliability and strength. The frame is made of aluminium to reduce weight and enhance agility and handling. The latest version of the RS 125 is also equipped with a large storage space that can comfortably hold a 6” tablet.

The semi-handlebars and set-back foot pegs combine to give a comfortable riding position.  Some of the instrument includes an instrument panel that indicates temperature, Battery voltage, speed and others and the AMP ECU that allows connectivity between the bike and a smartphone. It is available in two distinct graphical designs – the Silver Speed and the Black Speed.

Do You Need Insurance?

It is mandatory in the UK that all riders should have their bikes insured, which is why it is necessary to get at least the minimum Aprilia RS 125 insurance. Violating this law could get your bike seized. You could even end up with a criminal record.

Types of Insurance Policy

The comprehensive insurance, the third party only, and the third party, fire, and theft insurance are the three bike policy options. Each one provides different coverage and costs differently from others.

Comprehensive Insurance

This is the most expensive Aprilia RS 125 insurance available. It covers damages to your bike, medical treatment and personal injuries. It also pays out for damages to third-party’s properties and injuries.

Third Party, Fire, and Theft

Aside from covering third parties, this insurance policy protects your Aprilia RS 125 in the event of a robbery or fire accident.

Third Party Only

This insurance policy is the least you can purchase and the cheapest. It covers only third parties’ injuries and damages to their properties. The policy doesn’t cover personal injuries or damages to your bike.

Cost of Your Bike Insurance

Some factors determine the cost of your insurance premium. Some of them are:


If you live in an area with a high crime rate, your insurance premium could be higher than the cost of those who don’t.


To enjoy a lower insurance premium, it is always best to keep changes to a minimum.


Also, if you ride your bike every day, you’ll pay a higher cost than someone who doesn’t.


Going the extra mile to add anti-theft features to your bike such as an alarm or keeping it in a secure shed means your insurance premium could be lower.

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