Aprilia SR 50 R Insurance

Aprilia SR 50 R Insurance

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Aprilia SR 50 R Description

The SR 50 is a scooter of many firsts. It is the first super-sports scooter and the first 50cc with electronic injection. It is also the first racing replica with two disc brakes. Available in three colours – Black Diablo, Racing White andFluo Red, Aprilia SR 50 R features large diameter wheels andlow profile tyres.

It is made with a high tensile steel frame for maximum distribution of weight. With a contoured saddle and comfortable riding position, the SR 50is pleasurable to ride on.

It is also equipped with two storage compartments, an advanced matrix instrument panel, electronic transponder, motorcycle-type switchgear, dual 35-watt headlamp, and other fascinating features.

Is Insurance Necessary?

Before you ride your vehicle on the UK’s public road, you have to tax and insure it. Failing to insure it could lead to serious consequences such as a confiscation. You could also be made to pay a fine or end up with a criminal record. Aside from that, Aprilia SR 50 R insuranceprotects your scooter from various eventualities.

Types of Aprilia SR 50 R Insurance

There are three types of Aprilia scooter insurance. Each one has a varying degree of cover. They are the comprehensive insurance, the third party only, and the third party, fire, and theft insurance options. When choosing a policy, you shouldn’t pick the cheapest but one that provides the cover you need.

 Comprehensive Insurance

This policyis the most complete of all three options and the most expensive. It covers damages to your bike and the cost of medical treatment as well as personal injuries. In addition, it protects you against damages and injuries sustained by third parties.

Third Party, Fire, and Theft

Aside from covering third parties’ injuries and damages to properties, it protects yourbikein the eventitis stolen or damaged in a fire.

Third Party Only

This is the cheapest of all the policies. It only covers injuries sustained by third parties and damages to their properties.It does not cover injuries to you or damages to your bike.

Factors that Affect Cost Insurance

Some factors could increase or reduce the cost of your insurance premium. They include;

Claims History

If you have made zero or little claims, then you can get a larger discount than someone who has a long claim history.


Living in a high crime rate area puts your scooter at risk. Therefore, your insurance premium could be higher.


Riders who, for instance, deliver pizza with their scooterspay more premium than those who ride theirs occasionally.


Modifying your machine could jerk up your insurance premium. It’s always better to ride a standard scooter if you intend keeping your premium low.


Adding more anti-theft features such as an alarm on your scooter or keeping it in a shed reduces the cost insurance. 

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