Aprilia RS 125 Replica GP Insurance

Aprilia RS 125 Replica GP Insurance

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Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory Description

The RSV4 1100 Factory is the latest in the Aprilia RSV4 family. The RSV4 models combine excellence, performance and technology to earn the title of one of the best superbikes of this era. It is the first Aprilia bike equipped with the new 1078-cc V4 engine, with a maximum power of 217 hp. The bike also has an ergonomic body that optimises riding sensation even at high speed.

It also comes with aerodynamic winglets in carbon that increases speed at all times. It is also equipped with the Aprilia Performance Ride Control (APRC), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and TFT colour instrumentation that ensures enhanced digital display. Available in Atomico 6 design, the Aprilia RSV4 1100 is an exceptional superbike that integrates efficient performance and racing technology.

Is Motorbike Insurance Necessary? 

Insuring your bike is a legal requirement in the UK. Therefore, you have to get an Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory insurance policy. Else, you could be penalised. Your bike could also be seized. Aside from that, insuring your bike protects you from various eventualities.

Types of Insurance Policies

There are three types of Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory insurance policies. They differ in what is covered as well as in costs. It is advisable that when choosing a policy, you shouldn’t select the cheapest but the one that offers the best protection.

 Comprehensive Insurance

The Comprehensive policy is the most inclusive of all three and the most expensive. It pays out for repair or replacement of your bike, cost of medical treatment as well as personal injuries. Also, it covers damages and injuries sustained by third parties.

Third Party, Fire, and Theft

The third party, fire and theft policy covers third parties’ injuries and damages to their properties and vehicles. In addition, it helps replaces or pay for the cost of repair if your bike is stolen or damaged in a fire.

Third Party Only

The third party policy is the cheapest of all the policies and the minimum you can purchase. It only protects you against injuries sustained by third parties and damages to their properties.

Factors that Affect Cost Insurance

The following factors are some of those that determine your Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory insurance premium.


If you live in an area where the rate of theft is high, your insurance premium could be high.

Claims History

Your claims history also influences your insurance costs. If you have low or zero policy claims on your policy, you could be entitled to discounts that lower your premium rates. 


Using your bike everyday exposes it to damages and accidents. Hence, you’ll pay a higher premium than someone who uses his bike sparingly.


Installing extra anti-theft features or keeping your bike locked in a secure garage reduces your insurance premium.

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