Frequently Asked Questions

Your first insurance claim will always be relatively costly, so keep that in mind. You can reduce your year-to-year insurance costs by achieving no claims, increasing your voluntary excess rate, and showing proof that your vehicle is parked in a safe, private parking location.

You can even fit security devices, as many providers will offer this in exchange for a discount. The choice is yours personally.

It certainly can help, yes. Your driving experience plays a major role in how you are viewed by any potential insurance provider. Your first years will always be the most expensive, but your insurance costs should come down as you build no-claims history.

If you get a full license, ranging from your AM license (maximum speed of 28mph, must ride with L plates) to your A1 license (125cc maximum, can drive without L plates) or an A2 license (Aged 19 and above, provides up to 395cc engine power), then your insurance costs can naturally change.

So long as you invest in what is known as Fully Comprehensive insurance, you should be able to get a replacement in the event of a write-off. This, though, comes down to the insurance policy that you take, so be sure to look at the policy on providing replacements in the event of severe damage.

So long as your scooter is less than six months old, you can be offered a full replacement. However, this is dependent on the policy provider, so make sure you fully understand what you have agreed to beforehand.

Definitely. If you have a no claims bonus, you will find that you get a discount over time. Once you prove that you are not going to be a regular claimant, insurance companies will be happy to give you a more reasonable cost for insurance.

The longer you can avoid making a claim, the more likely your insurance will come down in price. As a no claims history, keeping that in mind can make scooter and moped ownership even more affordable.

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