Piaggio MP3 350 Insurance

Piaggio MP3 350

Why go through the hassle of finding the best Piaggio MP3 350 insurance policies when we can get them for you at zero cost? That’s right! We leverage our access to more than 40 of the top insurers in the UK to find you the policies that fit your pocket and needs.

The Piaggio MP3 350 machine has one of the best engines in its category. It combines a high engine performance feature with a new grill on the front shield, automatic multiple-disc clutch and a comfy seat to offer the best of aesthetics and functionality. With the right Piaggio Mp3 350 Insurance policy, it can only get better. You can see the MP3 Business 350 on the Piaggio Website

Piaggio Insurance Policy in the UK

It’s legally required to have an insurance policy before you can ride your scooter on public roads. We can also quote for Piaggio MP3 Insurance. Get you Piaggio insurance quote today.

Piaggio Mp3 350 Insurance Policy Types

There are three policies you can choose from. They are:

Third Party Only

A third party only plan does not cover you at all. It only pays out for damages and injuries to a third party. This policy is also the minimum you can purchase.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

This policy, aside from covering a third party, also protects your scooter against theft or fire damage.


This is the most expensive of the policies. It is, however, worth the money as costs of damages and injuries to you and a third party is covered.

Risk Factors Affecting Your Insurance Rates

The premium you pay to insureyour scooter is affected by various factors.  Some of them are:


Your age and that of the scooter influencethe cost of insurance. Young riders pay more as with owners of new scooters.


If you live in a theft-prone area, your scooter becomes higher to insure.

Rider Experience

Experience counts when it comes to insurance rates. Inexperienced riders pay more insurance rates.


Installing added security features such as an alarm, or keeping your scooter in a secured garage keep your rates low.

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