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Piaggio Beverly 300 ABS ASR

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The Beverly 300 ABS ASR combines exquisite designs with practicality. With its amazing features including the remote finder, ABS and ASR traction control, remove seat unlocking, and a powerful four-stroke engine, the Beverly 300 ABS ASR has established itself as one of the most coveted in the world of scooters. You can see the Beverly 300 ABS ASR on the Piaggio Website

The Need for an Insurance Policy

We are often asked if an insurance cover is needed to ride a scooter. Yes, it’s a legal requirement to have at least, the basic insurance cover to ride on public roads in the UK. This is the same as other model like a Piaggio MP3 you would also need Piaggio MP3 Insurance. Get you Piaggio insurance quote today.

Types of Beverly 300 ABS ASR Insurance Policy

There are three different types of insurance policies. The three offer different coverage and also differ in cost.

Third Party Only

The third party policy does not cover you or your scooter. It onlyprovides coverage for a third party. This policy is the cheapest you can opt for.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

This policy covers the third party as well as pays out if your scooter is stolen or is damaged in a fire.


The comprehensive Piaggio Beverly 300 ABS ASR insurance policy is the most extensive. It covers the cost of damages to your scooter and also injuries sustained by you. This policy also covers a third party.

Risk Factors that Determine Insurance Cost

Some factors determine the price you pay to insure your scooter. Some of these factors are:


Younger riders are more likely to get involved in an accident. Hence, they pay more insurance premium than older riders. Also, newer bikes cost higher to insure.


Living in an area where the crime rate is high means you’ll pay more to insure your scooter.

Riding Experience

More experienced riders generally ride more carefully. They, therefore,attract low insurance rates.


Adding more security features helps to keep your insurance rates low.

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