Lexmoto Valletta 125 Insurance

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Lexmoto Valletta 125 Description

The Lexmoto Valletta 125 is a combination of modern style and quality. This fascinating scooter, which is powered by a 125cc four stroke engine, features stylish and practical modern accessories. These include daytime running lights, Delphi fuel injection system LED indicators, and a display, GY6 style Twist and go motor, combined braking system, USB charger, under seat storage, fuel gauge, hydraulic disc, front and rear brakes, EFI system, 6 litres fuel capacity, telescopic forks, front and rear suspensions, and twin shock absorber.

Do I Need To Get My Lexmoto Valletta 125 Insured?

A good question any rider will ask. You may want to know what’s in it for you by getting your Lexmoto Valletta 125 insured. A significant advantage of insuring your bike is that it covers you in case of an accident, and it also protects you from the law, especially if you are riding on public roads.

Lexmoto Valletta 125 Insurance Policy Options

Now that you know the value of getting your Lexmoto Valletta 125 insured, you may be at crossroads in deciding what insurance option works best for your scooter. There are three insurance policy options you can choose from, these are;


Comprehensive insurance covers personal and third-party injuries, damages to your Lexmoto Valletta 125 and third-party vehicle/ properties and, medical expenses for both you and any third-party involved in an accident.


This insurance option is compulsory for UK riders and just as its name suggests, only pays out for third-party injuries, medical bills and repair costs.


Third-party, fire, and theft offer the same coverage as the third-party only option, but with the inclusion of covering your Lexmoto Valletta 125 in the event of a fire accident or theft.

Cost of Your Lexmoto Valletta 125 Insurance

If you have a hard time figuring out how insurance companies determine the value of your insurance premium, you don’t have to worry. Here are a few factors that determine the cost of your Lexmoto Valiant 125 EFI insurance premium;


The age of the rider will significantly determine how high or low the premium will be. For instance, younger riders will most likely pay a higher premium than older riders.

Riding History

Riding convictions can also affect the cost of your Lexmoto Valletta 125 insurance premium. Riders with zero riding convictions will pay lesser than riders with a record of riding convictions.

Amount of Claims

The number of claims you have also significantly contribute to the cost of your scooter’s insurance premium. Riders with fewer claims will likely attract a lower Lexmoto Valletta 125 insurance premium compared to riders who have a substantial amount of claims.

Annual mileage

If your annual mileage is high, then your Lexmoto Valletta 125 insurance premium will likely more expensive compared to that of someone with low annual mileage.


Riders who have made modifications to their Lexmoto Valletta 125 will likely pay a higher insurance premium, than riders who have made no modifications to their scooter.


Your location will also determine the cost of your Lexmoto Valletta 125; riders who live in safer neighbourhoods will likely pay a lower premium since they are less likely to attract any claim.


The more security accessories your Lexmoto Valiant 125 EFI has, the lesser your insurance premium will be.

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