Lexmoto Chieftain 125 Insurance

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Lexmoto Chieftain 125 Description

Make way for the chief of scooters! As a three-time winner of the Scooter franchise of the year award, the Lexmoto Chieftain 125 is the perfect companion for the rider who likes to take charge of the road. Available in grey/red and blue/white, this powerful scooter is powered by a 125cc four-stroke engine, and features twist and go performance, LED indicators, combined braking, under seat storage, fuel gauge, digital display, EFI system, twin shock absorber, front and rear suspensions, hydraulic disc, front and rear brakes, telescopic forks and a 13-litre fuel capacity.

Why Do I Need Insurance?

If you reside in the UK, then you are most likely aware of the strict laws governing the use of scooters on public roads. That is, if you intend to ride your Lexmoto Chieftain 125 in public, then you must insure it to avoid getting in trouble with the law.

Lexmoto Chieftain 125 Insurance Policy Options

The Lexmoto Chieftain 125 insurance premium comes in three options. Each option differs in cost and coverage and is as follows;


Although quite expensive, comprehensive insurance pays out for a broad range of events including personal injuries, damages to your Lexmoto Chieftain 125 or cost of procuring a new one in the case of an accident. It also covers third-party injuries and damages to their bikes and properties. This insurance option also provides coverage for personal and third-party medical expenses.


This insurance option is mandatory according to the UK law and covers third-party injuries, medical expenses and repair costs. This insurance option is cheap and won’t break your bank.


The third-party, fire and theft insurance option provides the same coverage as the third party only option but also pays out for your Lexmoto Chieftain 125 in case of theft or a fire accident.

Cost of Your Lexmoto Chieftain 125Insurance

Different factors determine how high or low your Lexmoto Chieftain 125 insurance premium will be. Some of which includes;


Younger riders are presumed as less experienced and more likely to attract a claim compared to older riders. As such, younger riders tend to pay higher Lexmoto Chieftain 125 insurance premiums than older riders.

Riding History

How safely you ride your motorcycle can also affect the cost of your insurance premium. If you have a record of previous riding convictions, you will most likely attract a higher premium compared to a rider with no riding conviction.

Amount of Claims

If you have claims, you will pay a higher Lexmoto Chieftain 125 insurance premium than someone with zero claims.

Annual mileage

Insurance companies often use your estimated annual mileage to determine the cost of your premium. So, the lesser your annual mileage is, the lower the cost of your premium.


If you have customised your Lexmoto Chieftain 125, you will get a higher premium compared to another rider with no changes.


Your location also plays out in determining the cost of your Lexmoto Chieftain 125 insurance premium. For instance, if you live in an insecure area, then your scooter is at a higher risk of theft or vandalism, and as such, you will pay a higher premium.


If you are looking to lower your premium, a good way to achieve this is by equipping your scooter with extra security features such as immobilisers or brakes or parking it in a secure location. This will considerably lower your Lexmoto Chieftain 125 insurance premium.

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