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The KTM 250 XC 2019is for the wild-hearted and offers unbelievable performance. Sharing its DNA with the KTM 250 SX, this bike offers incredible acceleration, thanks to itspowerful 2-stroke engine. It also comes with a clear fuel tank and rear wheels that enhances its off-road capabilities. The handlebar is made with high-strength aluminium and has an ODI lock-on grips to make grip changes easy. It is equipped with the barest of electronics, with only an electric starter to get you back into action without delay.

Do I Need Insurance?

If you plan on riding your KTM 250 XC 2019on public roads in the UK without any hassle with the law, then, yes; you do need insurance.Are you riding your bike only on trails, mountains and private roads? Then the need to insure your bike is even greater, as there are high risks of getting injured or damaging third-parties’ properties while riding on those terrains.

KTM 250 XC 2019Insurance Policy Options

There are three KTM 250 XC 2019insurance policy options you can choose from. They are:


This insurance option is obligatory, cheap and pays out for third-party injuries and damages to their vehicle or properties in the event of an accident. The Third Party Only insurance option does not cover your bike or personal injuries.


This insurance option provides the same coverage as the one above but also covers your bike if it is damaged in a fire accident or theft.


Comprehensive insurance is often the most expensive of all three insurance options. However, itcompletely pays out for almost everything in the event of an accident. For instance, it covers personal injuries, medical bills, repair costs or cost of buying a new bike if the need arises. What’s more, this insurance also covers third-party injuries, repair costs, and medical expenses.

Reducing the Cost of Your KTM 250 XC 2019 Insurance

By doing the following, you could decrease the cost of your KTM 250 XC 2019 insurance premium.

Riding experience

Gaining extra riding experience, especially through a certified riding course is a great way to reduce the cost of your insurance. The more skilled you are at handling your bike, the lower the cost of your premium.


If you use your bike for business activities, then you can expect to pay a high premium. To reduce the cost of insuring your bike, ride it for pleasure.

Estimated mileage

When insuring your bike, you need to be honest about and sure of your estimated mileage. A low estimated mileage will earn you a less pricey 2019insurance premium.


Equipping your bike with an alarm, locks, chains, immobiliser orother securitydevices orsimply parking it in a safe space when not in use help reduce insurance premium.

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