Trail and Enduro bikes

Trail and Enduro bikes

Trail and Enduro bikes are built for durability and off-road trekking, but unlike dirtbikes, they’re also fine for taking long rides on actual roads too. Also known as dual-purpose bikes, these models offer the best of both worlds, and give riders a chance to let loose on any terrain. If you’re looking to insure a trail or Enduro bike, then you’re in the right place.

Trail and Enduro bikes are specially modified and road-legal, making them ideal for those wanting an all-round vehicle. Perhaps you love riding off-road but need an everyday vehicle suitable for commuting. Well trail and Enduro bikes have you covered on both fronts. You’d think that modifying trail bikes to make them road legal would lead to a major loss of performance when off-road, but the sacrifice really isn’t that great. Sure, you might not be able to climb sheers slopes like a dirtbike can, but you’ve still got plenty of opportunity for fun.

These models offer the rider an upright seating position and usually have excellent suspension to compensate for bumpy rides. The modifications for road use include things like a horn, rear licence plate, and lights, but you can still get a feel for the true off-road experience. Enduro bikes will usually have either a single cylinder, two-stroke engine with a capacity between 125cc and 360cc, or a four-stroke engine between 250cc and 650cc.

Benefits of trail and Enduro bikes

The biggest benefit to choosing these types of bikes is if you’re planning to ride both on- and off-road. Their dual purpose makes them great for both, and you lose very little performance for either. They’re particularly suitable for competitive amateur riders because they save you having to buy a second bike for competitions.

These bikes give you ultimate control over which route you take. Having all the benefits of a road bike, but with the endurance of an off-road bike mean that they’re the best of both worlds, and give you the best ride possible.

Why insure your trail or Enduro bike with us?

Taking a motorbike off-road arguably means more chance of damage, but these bikes are often hardy enough to cover it. This is also something to take into account when choosing insurance, as you’ll want to choose the right policy to cover you for such things. Luckily, we make choosing motorbike insurance incredibly easy because we compare the market of top insurers to make sure you’re finding the best deal every time.

Our website makes it really simple for you to customise your new policy, so you can be sure you’re always getting everything you need. All you need to do is set the details when you begin getting a quote, and we’ll do the rest to make sure you find the best deals. Seeing as you’ve chosen a bike built for endurance and power, let us find you a policy that does everything you need it to.

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