Touring motorbikes are reasonably self-explanatory: they’re designed specifically for long-distance journeys and have all the features you’d expect from such a vehicle. Although the term can theoretically be used for any motorbike that’s been fitted with touring equipment, they are recognised as a distinct class when built for this purpose.

At the most basic level, touring motorbikes are designed with the rider’s comfort in mind, and so have large, sometimes armchair-like seats. The seats are usually padded and many have back support for extra comfort. If the bike is fitted for a pillion passenger they will also be able to enjoy the superior comfort that touring bikes offer.

Touring bikes also usually come fitted with lots of extra storage space, often in the form of saddlebags or boxes. They usually have relaxed seating positions, not dissimilar from a cruiser. This makes them ideal for long-distance journeys, when sitting in the same position for hours on end can take a strain on your body.

Tourers come equipped with large fuel tanks, meaning fewer stops to fill up on a long journey, and engines with a good amount of low-end power. Much like cruisers or roadsters, tourers are less about speed than they are about enjoying the journey. After all, if you’re getting there in comfort and style, what need is there to rush?

Benefits of a tourer

With their comfortable cruising speeds, padded seats, and laid-back style, tourers are ideal for those looking to prioritise long journeys over short ones. They’re perfect for touring holidays as they can accommodate plenty of baggage (and still have room for a passenger too). This makes tourers a great way to experience the road, especially when you want to concentrate more on the journey, and less on the destination.

One of the best features about touring bikes is that they often come with larger windscreens than many other types of motorbike, meaning they offer better wind and weather protection. This is a big advantage when you’re spending all day riding, and will help to give you some relief from the elements. They also have large displacement fairings for improved comfort and protection.

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