Online scooter Insurance

Online scooter insurance

As the UK’s top online scooter insurance site, you’ll find the best deal at the lowest possible price right here. Applying couldn’t be easier and you can retrieve your online scooter insurance quote in a matter of minutes. To get a personalised quote, simply enter a few details about yourself and your scooter and we’ll do the rest. We search across our network of insurers for the best deals. Whether this is your first ever scooter insurance policy or you want to switch insurers, we know we can help.

Your online scooter insurance quote

We are often asked how much is scooter insurance? To make sure you get the best possible deal, you first need to answer a few simple questions. You’ll have to give your name, address, age and occupation and stipulate what type of licence you hold. You’ll also have to give details about your scooter, stating the make, model and engine size. Enter your average annual mileage, where the bike is stored overnight, and its replacement value. You’ll also have to say what type of insurance policy you want.

Choose your cover

The three main types of scooter insurance to choose from are: third party, third party fire & theft, and fully comprehensive.

  • Third party only is the basic level of cover available and is the minimum you need to ride on UK roads. Usually, the cheapest type of policy, this insures you for personal injury liability to a third party and damage to a third party’s vehicle or property. However, you won’t be covered for personal injury or for any damages to your own scooter.
  • Third party fire & theft offers additional cover to that above. Your scooter will be insured against damage by fire or if it is stolen.
  • Comprehensive insurance gives you the greatest level of cover – for you and your scooter. You’re insured for personal injury including medical treatment where applicable. Insurance will cover your scooter if written off, stolen, or damaged in a fire. Comprehensive cover is typically the most expensive of the three types of insurance.

Check for special offers

Your online scooter insurance quote tells you everything you need to know, but don’t just look at the bottom line. Some scooter insurance companies offer a reduced rate for experienced riders, or include breakdown cover with their policy. Others have special multi-rider policies. Your online scooter insurance quote lets you see at a glance exactly what you’re getting for your money.

Get a free, no obligation quote today

Every day we help scooter riders up and down the country find great deals on moped insurance. Getting your online scooter insurance quote only takes a few minutes, it is is totally free and no one will hassle you to go ahead with the policy. The decision is all yours. All we do say is that we’ll beat your cheapest quote so far – and that’s a promise! So what are you waiting for?