Expert Riding Tips for New Riders

Expert Riding Tips for New Riders

Riding a bike for the first few times can be nerve-wracking and tricky without proper instruction or knowledge. For many new riders, the first few rides can be a series of heart-thumping, sweaty-palmed and uncomfortable experience. But you can’t deny that once you get the hang of it, motorcycling is one of the most thrilling adventures to experience. If you are new to motorcycling, here are some useful tips to make your first few rides as exciting as possible.

The Shorter, the Better

A great tip for new riders is to start with shorter distances. Shorter distances allow you to get accustomed to your bike and build your confidence for longer trips.

Always Check the Essentials

There is nothing more comforting as knowing that your bike is in perfect condition, and you are not at any risk of a sudden breakdown. Before hitting the road, always make sure to check the oil and brakes to ensure they are in working order.

Remember You Are Invisible

Don’t assume that everyone on the road can see you; you may be surprised that other motorists don’t notice you right beside or in front of them. Try making signals before making any swerve or turn to ensure that other road users are aware of your movement. A simple hand gesture

or head turn can do the trick.


New riders should consider the weather before setting out. If it is winter, it is best to avoid riding at all since winter motorcycling requires a degree of expertise that only skilled riders can pull off. If it is rainy or chilly, ensure that you wear the appropriate kit in a layering fashion to keep you warm all through your ride. If it is incredibly sunny, make occasional dehydration stops.

Drive with Your Bike Headlight On

Another great way to increase your visibility to other road users is by driving with your headlights on. Other road users are more likely to see you with your headlights on. As a new rider, you need all the visibility you can get to keep you safe.

Be Super Conscious

You are still new to riding, so you need to be extra conscious of other road users around you and your path. Ensure that you monitor other riders’ or motorists’ movements or signals before making any move or turning any corner. Give enough braking space; this is a life-saving hack for new riders.

A Little Paranoia Does the Trick

Drive cautiously at all times; you should ride with the mindset that other road users are not as cautious as you are and a little care freeness can get you seriously injured, or even worse; killed.