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Cruiser Bike Insurance

Cruisers are arguably one of the most recognisable types of motorbike, and when most people imagine a motorbike they’ll probably think of the classic Harley Davidson chopper model. While this isn’t always the style used by modern manufacturers, little has changed in the basic design of cruisers. So what is it that makes them so great to ride?

The main thing cruisers offer is comfort. They have a relaxed seating position that allows the rider to lean further back but still remain in complete control of the bike. The handlebars are at a good height so most riders shouldn’t have to lean too far forwards, and the seats are often very padded. Pillion passengers also share in these padded seats, and are offered a comfortable seating position on the back.

Cruisers aren’t necessarily about speed, and are for riders that want to appreciate the journey rather than how quickly they reach their destination. They provide and easier ride and have engines tuned for low-end torque. What they lack in maximum speed they certainly make up for in cruising ability and style. This makes them perfect for longer rides and holiday journeys when you truly want to appreciate how you’re getting there.

One of the best features of cruisers is how much you can customise them. This doesn’t just mean the engine, as many have options for things like saddlebags, a radio, heated seats and handlebars, and much more. They also usually have windscreens and larger fairings for better weather protection.

Benefits of cruisers

Cruisers are perfect for longer journeys, particularly if you’re less bothered about your speed. They’re comfortable, easy to ride, and good fun too, making them great for all kinds of riders. However, they’re particularly good for passionate riders that want to make the most out of the experience, while also having a stylish machine with good power and performance.

Even though they’re designed for long rides, cruisers will still be good for short trips. Try to avoid narrow streets and winding roads though because their larger frame and greater weight mean they’re not as manoeuvrable as some other types of motorbike. But if you want a motorbike that provides superior comfort, high performance, and often, a good amount of power, then cruisers can offer all this and more.

Why insure your cruiser with us?

If you’ve gone through the trouble of buying a motorbike such as a cruiser, you’ll want to make sure you have the best cover in place to protect your superior machine. We can help you find the best policy by comparing the market of top insurers, meaning you’re always getting the best price.

We add a number of different add-ons, such as breakdown cover, legal cover, and personal injury cover, and we make it really easy to customise your policy. This means you’ll always be getting the best type of cover, regardless of which type of motorbike you choose. Opting for a cruiser is a great choice for enjoying the road, and we’ll help to find a policy that gives you all the cover you need.

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