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Motorcycle insurance

Here at Scooter Insurance, we can help to find you a great deal on motorcycle insurance; one that gives you the level of cover that’s right for you and at a price that suits your pocket. As we only compare rates for motorcycle insurance and nothing else, you’re assured of a highly refined search and comparison service that accesses the leading insurance providers across the UK. We’re completely independent and do not favour one provider over another; our sole focus is on comparing policies from a wide range of top providers, leaving you to decide which one offers you the best deal. Getting a quote for annual motorcycle insurance is straightforward and you can apply online in a matter of minutes.

To get a quote, you’ll have to provide some information about yourself, the type of motorcycle you want a policy for, and choose from one of three types of insurance cover. Once your application is complete and you’re sure you’ve provided all the correct details, you can submit your form. With Scooter Insurance you only need to complete one form to search and compare insurance cover quotes from a range of leading UK lenders. Why spend hours browsing through various sites looking for the best insurance deal, when we can do it for you? Every day, we help riders find the most competitively priced motorcycle insurance available. Start now and you could have your new policy in place in under an hour!

Is motorcycle insurance compulsory?

Yes it is. It is illegal to ride a motorcycle on UK roads without the vehicle being properly taxed and insured. Even if you only plan to use your motorcycle occasionally, UK law requires you to be insured to do so. We’ll explain the different types of insurance policy available in a moment, but it’s important to state that if you’re caught riding without insurance the consequences can be serious and include being fined, having your bike confiscated, and ending up with a criminal record. This can make finding motorcycle insurance a lot more expensive in future.

What type of motorcycle insurance do you need?

There are three main types of motorcycle insurance cover and which one you choose will depend on a number of factors, including how often you ride the motorcycle, whether you commute regularly, where you live, and where the bike is stored. Using Scooter Insurance, you can quickly find the perfect motorcycle insurance policy to match your needs.

  • Third party motorcycle insurance: this is the cheapest cover available and is also the minimum level of insurance required before you can ride on UK roads. Under the terms of this policy, you’ll be covered for injury to a third party in an accident, including damage to property, but you won’t be insured against injuries you sustain or for any damages to your motorcycle. You’ll have to pay for repairs to your motorcycle out of your own pocket.
  • Third party fire and theft: as well as the areas covered by the above policy, this type of insurance will cover the costs if your motorcycle is stolen or is damaged in a fire, although certain conditions may apply.
  • Comprehensive motorcycle insurance: fully comprehensive insurance offers a wide range of protection in addition to the two policies above. With this policy, you’ll also be insured for personal injury including medical expenses, and damage to your motorcycle. Many providers will also cover the costs of a replacement bike while yours is being repaired. Of the three types of policy, comprehensive insurance is the most expensive.

Look out for special offers

Using our comparison site, you can check what each provider is offering and see clearly what is covered by each of the different types of policy. You’ll also be able to quickly compare any special deals available. Most insurers will offer a no-claims discount to new customers but some will also have special rates for riders who clock up fewer miles and lower premiums for multi-rider insurance. If you’re already with an insurer, but want to find a better deal, you’ll be able to see at a glance what’s on offer from other UK lenders.

A policy tailored to suit your needs

With our online form you can get a motorcycle insurance policy that gives you exactly what you need in terms of cover. Remember, the insurance quotes you’re offered will be based on the information you provide so make sure you always provide accurate and up to date information. Be honest about your planned annual usage and what you intend to use the bike for and check your answers before your submit your form. Before agreeing to go ahead with a provider, make sure you read through the policy and understand what is – and isn’t – covered. And if you require help to complete your application, or for any more information, please contact one of the team at Scooter Insurance.

Some tips to reduce your premium

Motorcycle insurance is an annual cost so it makes sense to try and keep those costs as low as possible without compromising on the level of cover your policy provides. Here are some ways you can reduce the overall cost of your policy:

  • Search with Scooter Insurance – we compare motorcycle insurance across the market, shopping around on your behalf to find the cheapest quotes from over forty UK lenders
  • Increase the excess you pay – with most policies, you’ll have to pay an excess fee – a fixed sum towards any claim you make. If you opt to more excess on any claims, you can lower the cost of your premium
  • Reduce your annual mileage – if you can reduce your annual mileage, insurers are likely to offer you a cheaper premium based on the premise that the fewer miles you cover, the lower your chances are of having an accident
  • Don’t make minor claims – most insurers will offer discounts for riders with a no-claims history so paying for minor repairs out of your own pocket can save you money on insurance when you’re looking to switch providers
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