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As one of the country’s most popular bike insurance comparison sites we’ve developed our system to make finding bike insurance online both quick and simple. To get started, simply complete and submit a single online form to trigger a search across our network of the UK’s top insurers. Based on the information you provide about yourself and your bike, you’ll receive a selection of the most competitively priced quotes for bike insurance in a matter of minutes. Applying for bike insurance online is the quickest way to find an insurance policy that gives you the type of cover you’re looking for, whether it’s your first policy or you want to switch from your current insurer to get a lower yearly premium.

We specialise in motorcycle and scooter insurance only and source the best deals available for every type of bike, including twist-and-go scooters, mopeds, all makes and models of motorcycle, classic bikes, superbikes, and quad bikes. Every day we help bike riders of all ages, men and women, find great quotes for bike insurance online. We operate independently and never try to influence your decision to choose a particular insurance provider. Our sole aim is to track down the best no-obligation quotes for bike insurance at the lowest prices and leave you to decide whether or not to proceed. If you need help with applying for bike insurance online just give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist.

Applying for bike insurance online

As we mentioned above, insurers base their quote on the answers you provide. To ensure you get the best deal, it’s important to be completely honest about your personal details, the make and model of bike you want to insure and your bike usage. That way, if you do have to make a claim against your policy you can expect the insurer to pay out promptly without any hassle.

You’ll have to provide your name and address, occupation, marital status, age, what type of licence you currently hold, and details about your riding history, if relevant. You’ll have to give some details about the bike you want to insure, including the make and model, engine size, replacement value of the bike, your average annual mileage, whether the bike is used for work or leisure only and where it is stored when not being used. On the form you can also ask to insure another named rider, or apply for a multi-rider policy.

What level of cover do you need?

Knowing what level of insurance you need isn’t always straightforward and while it can be tempting to opt for the cheapest type of cover ask yourself if it gives you all the cover you need. The three main levels of insurance are as follows:

  • Third party only: tends to be the cheapest level of insurance and is the minimum cover you need to ride legally on UK roads. You’ll be insured for personal injury liability to a third party and for the cost of damages to their property. You won’t be insured for personal injury or for damage to your bike.
  • Third party fire and theft: the next level up, this type of policy also insures your bike if it is damaged in a fire and against theft.
  • Comprehensive insurance: in addition to the features already mentioned, this level of cover insures you for personal injury and may cover the cost of any medical treatment you need following an accident. The cost of repairing your bike is covered as is the cost of a replacement if your bike is considered a write off. Typically the most expensive of the three, comprehensive insurance offers the greatest level of protection for you and your bike.

Compare discounts and special offers

Once you retrieve your quote it’s easy to see exactly what each one entails and to compare what else you’re getting for your money. If you already have a record of no-claims, you can expect to get a discount but some insurers also offer special rates for more experienced riders, for riders who have completed an advanced motorcycle riding course, or for those riders who only use their bike occasionally. Also check to see whether your quote includes a special rate for insuring your bike leathers and helmet, and if breakdown cover is included.

Keep on top of costs

The bike insurance premium you pay is determined by a range of factors such as where you live, how you use the bike, and the size and type of bike you ride. Moving home may not be an option but choosing a less powerful bike can help to reduce your premium. Limiting you annual mileage if possible is another way to get a cheaper premium as is opting to pay a higher voluntary excess on any claim you do make – just make sure you can afford to do so. By far the best way to keep on top of costs is to shop around by using a dedicated comparison site like ours and apply for bike insurance online – so what are you waiting for?

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