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How much is scooter insurance?

Many people want to know the cost of scooter and moped insurance before purchasing their vehicle. Scooters are one of the most economical ways to get around thanks to their excellent fuel efficiency. In addition to fuel costs, there are a few unavoidable annual expenses to factor in. These include road tax, the cost of an MOT (for bikes over three years old) and insurance. Fees for road tax and MOT for scooters and mopeds are set by the government and are fixed. Saying how much is scooter insurance is not so straightforward, however, and the simple answer is: it depends.

We’ll look at what determines the cost of scooter insurance below so you’ll know what to expect. In the meantime, one thing you can be sure about is that we’ll find you the cheapest scooter insurance available. As one the UK’s top sites to compare scooter insurance, we source great deals for customers every day.

Cost of your policy

To determine how much scooter insurance is for you, you first have to choose the level of cover you want. The three main types of policy are as follows:

  • Third party – the most basic level of cover and generally the cheapest type of policy. You’ll be insured for third party injuries and damage to property but you and your scooter won’t be covered. Third party is also the minimum level of cover you need to legally ride on UK roads.
  • Third party fire & theft – in addition to the above, this covers our bike against theft and damage by fire.
  • Fully comprehensive – as the name suggests, the most comprehensive type of cover. In addition to the policies above, you’ll be covered for any damage to your scooter, including if you are involved in an incident that’s your fault.Typically, this is the most expensive of the three options.

Other factors that affect price of scooter insurance

To work out how much scooter insurance is you also have to factor in the following:

Age: Older and more experienced riders are viewed as lower risks by insurers so can expect cheaper policies. For example we are often asked how much is scooter insurance for a 16 year old? With a 16 year old the policy price will be higher due to age.

Scooter size: More powerful scooters tend to attract a higher premium as the risk of having an accident is considered greater.

Excess: This is the compulsory amount you pay on a claim. The higher excess you agree to, the cheaper your policy may be.

Postcode: How much scooter insurance is will also be determined by where you live. If you live in a city or high crime area, you’ll pay a higher premium.

No claims: If you ride safely, avoid accidents and don’t make claims, you’ll be ale to build up a no claims discount.

What else can you do?

The quickest way to find out how much is scooter insurance is to get a quote. We work with a wide network of insurers to source great prices for you. Applying is easy and you’ll see what you can expect to pay in a matter of minutes. We’re ready when you are!

How much is scooter insurance?
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