Ultimate Cover

Ultimate Cover

When it comes to motorcycles, it is in any rider’s best interest to have a solid insurance plan in case of an unexpected event such as an accident. There are a handful of companies which provide bike insurance, but if you are looking for the ultimate cover package with attractive discounts, then your go-to option is Xyz.  From legal expenses cover, personal accident cover, helmet and leathers cover to breakdown cover; Xyz offers you the best cover packages with an unbelievable 70% discount on its complete cover package. We offer the best covers to ensure that you have one less worry. Here are our cover packages;

Legal Expenses Cover

Also known as legal protection insurance, legal expenses cover protects you when you need legal aid to recover losses incurred from an accident where the other party is at fault and does not have insurance and ultimately save you from legal expenses and financial loss. Finding the right institution to help you get the best legal expenses cover can be daunting, but with Xyz, you get up to £100,000 worth of legal expenses cover to protect yourself from uninsured losses.

RAC Breakdown Cover

We know that your motorcycle requires professional breakdown cover that can assure you that you are covered in case your bike breaks down at any time of the day. This is why we have partnered with RAC to bring you the best breakdown cover options. There are different breakdown cover options to choose from with RAC. You can choose between RAC Basic cover, RAC plus (for bikes under 121cc, which comes with a whopping 69% discount), or RAC EU cover to make sure you are covered in the occurrence of a breakdown.

Helmet & Leathers Cover

Xyz helmet and leathers cover protects you in the event of an unexpected motorcycle accident where your helmet, riding boots, gloves, protective clothing or riding kit is damaged. With Xyz, you will get up to £1,500 worth of helmet and leathers cover to get you your riding gear back again.

Personal Accident Cover

Whether it’s riding a motorbike or even driving a car, accidents can unexpectedly happen. You want to be sure that in the event of such unlikely emergencies, you don’t have to worry about spending a pound. Xyz personal accident cover protects you and your family if a grave bike accident occurs. You will get up to £15,000 as your personal accident over with Xyz.