Selling Your Bike

Selling Your Bike

Selling your bike could come with some sense of nostalgia. You’ve probably had some of your best moments and wildest adventures with your bike, but now, it’s time to let it go. While you may or may not experience mixed feelings about parting with your vehicle, selling your bike may be one of the best decisions you ever made.

Are you ready to sell your bike?

Here are some excellent tips to make selling your bike for good cash a piece of cake;

Prep Your Bike

No one wants to buy a dirty and unkempt bike. Spend time cleaning and polishing your bike, you want to make it look as good and new as when you bought it. Once you’ve given your bike the entire cosmetic tweaking it needs, you should get it tuned up. A mini service will go a long way in helping you sell your bike for a reasonable price.

If your bike still has ample time on MOT, that’s perfect, if not, you should get one. It is incredibly tough to sell a motorcycle without MOT.


You are most likely selling your bike because you need the money. While you may or may not desperately need the money, you should price the bike realistically. If the price is on the high side, you may likely not find buyers, and if it is too low, buyers may doubt the authenticity of your bike’s excellent condition. Try making inquiries from dealers or online platforms to know the exact price range your bike is worth.

Get All the Necessary Documents

If you are eager about selling your bike, you should have all the required documents. This will assure buyers that the bike belongs to you. Some of the necessary documents required include;

Ownership, safety certification, used vehicle information package, bill of sale, previous MOT, logbook and tax receipts, receipts of past repairs, buyers’ receipt and so on. The more information you let out, the easier it becomes to sell your bike.


A significant challenge most sellers face is deciding on which platform to sell their bike. You can sell your bike through a dealer, online or privately. Selling through a dealer is probably the best option if you need the money desperately.

Bike Check

Most buyers are cautious and would want to take extra precaution before making any purchase. They may request a thorough bike check on the bike before buying it. A thorough bike check will consist a critical examination of the registration plate, MOT certificate serial number, engine and frame numbers. This will ascertain if the bike is stolen or if its documents are genuine or fake.

Test Rides

Test rides are risky; you may not offer a test ride at all if you do not exactly trust the potential buyer. If you do offer a test ride, ensure that you take the necessary security a measure, i.e., taking a picture of the person, ensuring the person is insured to ride other bikes, or asking for the cash deposit before allowing a test ride.