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Scooters are an incredibly fast and cheap way of getting around. Unlike motorcycles or cars, scooters make an excellent option when it comes to snaking through condensed traffic and tiny alleyways. Looking for the cheapest scooter insurance quote you can find in the UK? You can get one now. With our network of insurance underwriters, you can ride more and stay protected for less.

Do I need to insure my scooter?

Yes. In the UK, it is mandatory for you to have an insurance cover for your scooter before you can ride on public roads. Failing to insure your scooter could get you in trouble with the law, which comes with varying degrees of penalty.

Insuring your scooter also gives you complete peace of mind. Depending on the type of cover you purchase, you won’t need to save to buy a new scooter or pay medical bills.

Which part of the UK do you cover?

We can get you the cheapest insurance policies no matter where you live in the UK. As the leading scooter insurance comparison site in the UK, we have a solid partnership with some of the biggest insurers in your city. So whether you live in Belfast, Dundee or Manchester, rest assured, you’ll get the cheapest cover.

What types of scooters do you insure?

It can be challenging to find a comparison site that offers insurance for a variety of scooters. Look no further. We can help you get the best insurance cover for your off-road, 3-wheeled, sporty and vintage scooters.

You can compare insurance quotes of scooters from manufacturers including:

  • Peugeot
  • Aprilia
  • Sym
  • Piaggio
  • KTM
  • Honda
  • Vespa

If the make of your scooter isn’t in the above list, contact us and we’ll work something out.

How much does scooter insurance cost?

Scooter insurance is relatively cheaper when compared to other vehicle insurance. The good thing is, you’ll pay even less thanks to our extensive comparison system that gets you cheap quotes from more than 40 insurance underwriters.

That said, the cost of scooter insurance varies from one person to another and depends on;

  • your riding experience
  • mileage
  • the year, make and model of your scooter
  • engine size
  • coverage limits and deductibles
  • security accessories or features of your scooter

What are the types of scooter insurance available?

There are three types of scooter insurance cover available. They are:

Third-party only

The third-party scooter insurance is the cheapest of all the three insurance types and is mandated by law. This insurance type covers the costs for repairs, medical bills or the purchase of a new vehicle for the third party in the case of an accident.

Third party, fire, and theft

This scooter insurance package provides the same coverage as the third party insurance but also covers your scooter in the case of theft or a fire accident.


This insurance type pays out for third-party eventualities, provides financial protection for your scooter in case of theft or a fire accident and also covers repair costs, medical expenses or the purchase of a new scooter if the need arises.

What type of scooter insurance coverage do I need?

You can go for any of the three policies. The minimum you are allowed to have is the third-party only policy.

However, we recommend that you get, at least, the third party, fire and theft policy because scooters are theft-prone. If in the event your scooter is stolen or damaged in a fire, the third party, fire and theft policy pays out.

What can I do to lower my scooter insurance premium?

Although you can find the cheapest insurance quotes through us, there are some things you can do to lower your premium. To reduce your insurance rates, you can:

  • Increase your voluntary excess
  • Always park your scooter in a locked garage
  • Fit approved security accessories
  • Reduce your annual mileage
  • Ride only within the UK

What do I need to get a free scooter insurance quote?

To find you the cheapest quote available, we’ll need some information. You’ll need to provide details of your;

  • Scooter, including make, model and engine size
  • Occupation
  • Location
  • Claims history
  • Annual mileage

Once you give the details, you’ll get your quote within 3 minutes.

Why should I choose Scoot Scoot for my scooter insurance?

It’s simple. Because we are the best scooter insurance comparison site in the UK. We are the number one because we;

  • Are scooter lovers like you and want you to pay the lowest you can to insure your scooter
  • Have direct access to more than 40 of the top insurance underwriters in the UK, enabling us to get you the most competitive quote.
  • Get you policies personalised to your needs and budget
  • Are available 24/7 to receive your claims request, queries, complaints

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