When applied to motorbikes, the term roadster can mean many things to many different people. However, it is actually a specific category of motorbike, but with the rise in popularity of types such as naked bikes and cruisers, the definition of roadster might have become a bit confused. So what is a roadster motorbike, and how does it differ from other, similar types?

Roadsters are essentially standard motorbikes (this is actually another well-known term for them). They inhabit the middle ground between sport bikes and cruisers. They offer riders a more relaxed journey than a sport bike, instead focusing on a high level of comfort and cruise potential.

If seating position is something you think about when choosing a motorbike, then roadsters are a good all-round choice. The seating position is reasonably upright, and falls somewhere between the lean-forward crouching position of a sport bike, and the fully relaxed lean-back position of a cruiser. They’re designed to keep your shoulders above your hips in a natural position, and are suitable for long, relaxed rides.

The bikes are usually fitted with an engine tuned for easy cruising rather than straight up power, but that isn’t to say they can’t pack a punch when they want to. Roadsters are ideal for those who might not want to speed out of every corner, but still want the option available. This also means you shouldn’t find yourself jumping frequently between gears because the motorbike is intended for mid-range cruising.

Benefits of a cruiser

Due to their mid-range power, flexibility, easy riding position, and availability, roadsters are ideal as a beginner’s motorbike. They’re ideal for learning more about the road while on two wheels, but can still give you a nice bit of speed when you need it.

Roadsters are great for cruising, and are perfect for long journeys because they often have deeply padded seats, and a comfortable seating position. Pillion passengers should have a good experience on them too, as there’s usually plenty of room behind the driver, and passengers also benefit from the better seating position.

When all is said and done, roadsters are a good all-round bike, and can be a good place for those to start who don’t quite know what they want from their machine just yet. Their medium power engine, relaxed style, and sleek looks make them ideal for all kinds of riders.

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