RAC Motorbike Pre-season Checklist

RAC Motorbike Pre-season Checklist

Spring is almost here when you can hit the road with your motorbike again. But just before you get back on the road, you should probably consider some of these pre-season tips recommended by RAC. The RAC, a British automotive services company is unarguably the best when it comes to offering expert advice regarding vehicles.

So, let’s get straight into this checklist;

Get Your Bike Serviced

Make sure you service your bike before the new season starts, to ensure that it is in excellent condition before you start riding it. Remember that you’ve put your bike away all winter, so it may not be in the best of conditions. It’s best to avoid the last minute scramble that usually occurs before every new season. Make early reservations if you intend to get your bike serviced, especially if you are considering a motorcycling tour as soon as you hit the road.

Do a Thorough Inspection

Your motorbike has been off the road for a while, so you have to ensure that specific vital components are still in excellent condition before use. Carry out a thorough check on batteries, oils, cables, tyres, chain adjustment & lubrication, coolant & brakes, and lights. If you are inspecting by yourself, don’t forget to refer to the manufacturer’s handbook for a better understanding.

Frequently Clean Your Bike

Spring also comes with a lot of moisture, and this is bad for your bike. Try cleaning your bike regularly to prevent moisture from settling on your motorcycle and causing dirt, rust or corrosion.

Clean With Caution

While it is true that you may need to clean your bike regularly in the new season, you should avoid using a pressure washer to cleanse your motorbike. It could get into electrical connectors and components, thus weakening or completely damaging the motorbike chain. High-pressure washing removes lubricant from the chain links, which is why you should adjust and lubricate your motorbike’s chain after every wash.

Ensure Your Bike is Legally Valid

While your bike has been stowed all winter, there is a chance that your tax, MOT or insurance is no longer valid. Before you start riding your bike in the new season, check that the Tax, MOT, and insurance is still valid. If one or more of them have a disability, ensure you revalidate them before hitting the road. Also, make sure that you have a valid breakdown cover.

Here are some extra tips you should consider:

  • The weather in spring is still cold, so ensure that you drive with caution. There is a good chance that your tyres will take time to heat up or not heat up at all. You should also be cautious of slippery road surfaces, leaves and so on.
  • Make sure that your bike was stored over winter without any fuel or with a fuel stabiliser in case you left your some fuel in your tank. If not, use a forecourt high octane fuel to help reduce the loss of octane from the broken down fuel.
  • Spring is still chilly; make sure you dress appropriately before setting out with your bike. Wearing winter gloves or helmet visor demisters is not a bad idea.
  • You probably haven’t ridden your bike in months, try practicing short distances before taking your bike out for a full road trip.