Naked bikes

Naked bikes

When it comes to choosing the right type of motorbike you’ll definitely have plenty of options. Different types of motorbike are suitable for different needs, and it can help to work out your needs before making a selection. Naked bikes have long been a popular choice but the term can be thrown around for plenty of different bikes. So what actually makes a bike naked?

In short, a naked bike is a stripped down version of a sport bike, and while they usually retain much of the style and functionality, they lose many of the unnecessary bits. Things like fairings, windscreens, and much of the bodywork is removed to give a more paired-back look. They’re ideal for everyday use and shorter commutes, but can still be good for letting loose at the weekends.

Naked bikes are a feat of modern engineering, and a great choice if you like seeing the bike’s insides. You can see much more of the engine on a naked bike when compared to something like a sport or roadster, and fewer parts on the bike also means fewer things that need repairing. Plus, naked bikes can also be cheaper to buy and insure for this reason.

Benefits of a naked bike

Their stripped-back style and lower power output makes naked bikes ideal for everyday use, and are perfect for city driving. That said, they still make a great choice for a more exhilarating ride. A naked bike will often be smaller than other styles because of its lack of extras, making it suitable for those that might not have much room for storage.

Naked bikes are also lightweight and good accelerators, plus their upright seating position gives the rider a much better view in traffic. Their size and manoeuvrability make them great at weaving in and out of cars, and they’re really easy to park in tight spaces.

Overall, naked bikes are a good all-round model, but their size makes them excellent for city driving and commuting. While they would still be fine to use on longer drives, the lack of fairings and windscreen mean they might start to get uncomfortable after a long ride.

Why insure your naked bike with us?

If you’re looking to insure your naked bike then you’re in the right place. We make getting a quote for bike insurance really easy, and we compare the market of the best insurers to make sure we’re getting you the best price. The fact that naked bikes are smaller and have fewer parts means they can often be cheaper to insure than some other types, and this is taken into account when we search the market.

We make it easy for you to customise how the policy works too. You can adjust almost everything, giving you complete control over all of the finer details. To get the process started, simply get a quote from our range of insurers and start modifying things to your liking.

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