Lexmoto Apollo 125 Insurance

If you are looking to buy a reliable 125cc moped, then the Lexmoto Apollo 125 has become a popular model of choice. When you want to keep your vehicle on the road, though, it is essential that you also get proper Lexmoto Apollo 125 insurance. To help you, we have put together a simple insurance comparison system that you can use to quickly get the best deal on insurance.

Keep your Lexmoto Apollo 125 on the road with insurance

The Lexmoto Apollo 125 is a 125c moped that has become a popular choice for delivery professionals and commuters alike. A great fuel economy paired with Euro 5 emissions standards means that this can be one of the most affordalbe and eco-friendly mopeds on the market today. it also contains excellent underseat storage, which makes it easy to keep your goods secure as you journey from A to B.

A top speed of 63mph paired with an impressive 13l fuel capacity makes the Lexmoto Apollo 125 great for short-distance commutes and trips across the city. To make sure you can ride your Apollo accordingly, though, you need to get the best Lexmoto Apollo 125 insurance quote you can.

  • Every Lexmoto Apollo 125 insurance offer you receive from our comparison tool is for you alone.
  • The providers suggested are among the most reputable within the UK insurance industry.
  • Insurance deals can be adjusted and adapted to the specific level of coverage that you need.
  • Need a hand choosing Lexmoto Apollo 125 insurance? Then contact our team today for support.

Lexmoto Apollo 125 insurance policy options

If you want to get the best Lexmoto Apollo 125 for your own budget, then you should look to choose a policy that fits one of three primary styles:

  • Third Party Insurance. This basic coverage is provided to cover any third party involved in an incident. You and your Lexmoto Apollo 125 are not personally covered here.
  • Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance. Your bike is covered in the event of a fire or theft attack, but you are still not covered for any on-road incidents.
  • Comprehensive Insurance. This provides both you and any involved parties in an incident with the support needed to get back on your feet and back on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age can I drive my Lexmoto Apollo 125?

You can start riding a Lexmoto Apollo 125 as soon as you are able to achieve the right license type needed, typically starting at age 17+.

Do I need a license to ride my Lexmoto Apollo 125?

You must hold your CBT license and also have a valid CBT. You will also likely need to have an AM license to ride a Lexmoto Apollo 125 in full.

Do I need insurance to ride my Lexmoto Apollo 125?

You must have insurance coverage for your Lexmoto Apollo 125 before you can legally ride it.

What is the top speed I can take my Lexmoto Apollo 125 to?

The top speed of a Lexmoto Apollo 125 is 63 miles per hour, which is above average for a 125cc moped.