Legal Expenses Cover

Legal Expenses Cover

Motorcycle accidents happen all the time. Though rarely expected, it is one thing that riders know may inevitably occur. When motorbike accidents occur, it comes with damages to property, the motorcycle, the rider and will unavoidably incur some loss. What is worse is if you have to pay for repairs due to the accident when you are not at fault. This is why riders are advised to opt for an additional cover option such as legal expenses cover when insuring their bike. Finding the right institution to help you get the best legal expenses cover can be daunting, but with Xyz, you can ride your motorcycle with no worries.  Xyz offers a wide range of cover options with legal expenses cover for bikes being one of them. At just £29.99 annually, you can get up to £100,000 of cover to protect yourself from uninsured losses.

What Exactly is Legal Expenses Cover?

Legal expenses cover protects you when you need legal aid to recover losses incurred from an accident where the other party is at fault and does not have insurance and ultimately save you from legal expenses and financial loss.

Why Do I Need Legal Expenses Cover?

Xyz legal expenses cover offers tons of advantages for riders and gives them less worry in the event of an accident. With a legal expenses cover, you don’t have to bother about repair costs, medical bills or legal charges.

  • It covers your policy excess in the event of an accident.
  • Covers damages to your bike.
  • Covers damages to your personal property such as your helmet, boots, gloves, leathers or protective clothing.
  • Covers your medical bills if you suffer any minor injuries during the accident.
  • Covers your salary loss, in the case of an injury and you are unable to work.
  • Includes the costs of hiring a bike if your bike is irreparably damaged or still undergoing significant repairs.
  • It covers any cost incurred during the towing, recovery or storage of your motorcycle after an accident.
  • You also get paid if you sustain bodily injuries or your family receives an excess of £500 in the case of death.

Don’t Have Legal Expenses Cover?

If you don’t have legal expenses cover, the chances are that you will be forced to pay for damages, repairs, medical bills and other expenditures incurred from the accident even if you are not at fault. Xyz’s legal expenses cover saves you the unnecessary loss you would incur in such an event.