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Race inspired, the KTM RC 390 is fast, agile and compatible with A2 driving license. No doubt, this is the classiest sports bike on the market. The KTM RC 390 is powered by a single cylinder, 4-stroke engine and delivers 32 kW Power in KW. This sturdy bike features electric starter system, front and rear brakes, front and rear suspension, 6-speed transmission, mechanically operated PASC™ anti hopping clutch, Bosch EMS with RBW, front and rear suspension travel, powder-coated steel trellis frame, WP upside-down Ø 43 mm, WP monoshock, Four-piston radial fixed calliper, brake disc, Single-piston floating calliper, brake disc, Bosch 9MB two-channel ABS, 820 mm seat height and 10 litre fuel capacity.

Why Do I Need to Insure My Bike?

In the UK, bikes, scooters and even mopeds must be insured before it can be ridden on public roads. So, it is necessary to get your KTM RC 390 insured to evade trouble with the law.

KTM RC 390 Insurance Policy Options

There are three KTM RC 390 insurance policy options you can choose from. Each option offers different coverage. These are;


The third party, fire, and theft insurance option covers your KTM RC 390 against a fire accident or theft and also covers third-party injuries and repair costs.


This is the only insurance option that is mandatory for riders in the UK. It is cheap and covers third-party injuries and repair costs, but does not pay out for personal injuries or damages to your KTM RC 390.


Comprehensive insurance thoroughly covers you from personal injuries, medical bills, repair costs to buying a new KTM RC 390 if necessary. You’ll also be covered for third-party injuries, repair costs and medical expenses. This option is pricey but quite rewarding.

Reducing the Cost of Your KTM RC 390 Insurance

When it comes to determining the cost of your KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R insurance premium, several factors come to play. However, if you are looking to reduce your premium, here are a few points to consider;

Riding experience

Completing an approved advanced riding course or getting a certification will ensure that your riding skills are better, as such; you are less likely to attract a claim and pay a lower KTM RC 390 insurance premium.

Estimated mileage

The lower your annual mileage is, the lesser the cost of your premium, but when it comes to insuring your KTM RC 390, you need to be sure of your mileage.


If you are looking to reduce your premium, a good way to achieve this is by equipping your KTM RC 390 with extra security features such as immobilisers or brakes or parking it in a secure location, such as a safe garage. This will considerably lower your KTM RC 390 insurance premium.

Voluntary excess

Another great way to lower KTM RC 390 insurance premium is by applying for a voluntary excess. This will lower your insurance premium.

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