Honda X-ADV Insurance

Honda X-ADV Insurance

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Honda X-ADV Insurance

The Honda X-ADV, sophisticated and rugged, is a bike capable of taking on any terrain. Powered by a 745cc twin-cylinder engine,it featurestwo slim LED headlights, seats at the right position and is made with the best materials to make riding comfortable. The handguards are made to keep stones, debris and the wind out. Made of strong stainless, the front wheel is especially suited to ruggedness. It also features an adjustable windscreen for optimal protection from unfavourable weather conditions.

Do You Need Insurance?

it is a legal requirement for bike owners to insure their bikes before they can ride it on public roads. Violating this law could get your bike seized and you could also part with some money as fine.  

Insurance Policy Options

There are three Honda X-ADV insurance policy types from which to choose.  Each offers varying coverage and costs differently. You could select one of:


This has the best coverage of the three options. It pays out for your personal injuries, medical treatment and cost of replacement or repair of your bike. The comprehensive policy also covers injuries to third parties, their medical treatment, and damages to their properties.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

Aside from protecting you against third party liabilities, the third party, fire and theft Honda X-ADV insurance option covers the cost of repair or replacement of your bikein the event it is stolen or damaged in a theft or fire accident.

Third Party Only

The third party insurance policy covers only third party injuries and damages to their properties or vehicles. It is the minimum policy you can purchase and does not cover you or your bike.

Cost of Your Insurance

The following factors determine the cost of your Honda X-ADV insurance premium.


Older riders pay a lower insurance premium compared to young riders. This is because older riders are more careful and make fewer claims.

Claims History

Having a long history of making insurance claims means you could pay a higher insurance premium than someone who doesn’t.


If you live in an area with a high rate of theft cases, you could make a higher insurance premium payment.


Keeping your bike in a locked garage or shed makes it more secure. Therefore,your insurance premium could be lower.

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